Trump's Speeches

From the Republican National Convention up until the mid part of August 2016 Donald Trump's poll numbers haven't been the greatest. This, I believe, was due to the average American tending to believe what the media wants them to believe instead of believing what can be proven. Has Trump made some "unforced errors" in his words? Yes. Did what he actually mean reinforce the "unforced errors"? No. More importantly, perhaps, is that what he said and meant were actually true. As an example of what I mean is his response to the attack(s) by the 'gold star' father at the Democrat National Convention. As of the beginning of September, Trump's poll numbers are coming up. Maybe some facts, at least, are reaching the public at large.

Starting in mid-August Trump gave three excellent speeches - one right after the other. What he offered was clear and concise in both words and intent. On the last day of August 2016 Trump gave an excellent speech on immigration.

The first of these speeches was given in Youngstown, Ohio, and dealt with fighting terrorism, specifically radical Islamic terrorism.

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His second speech was offered on law and order within our borders and was given in West Bend, Wisconsin. A significant focus of this speech was how the current political climate, specifically by the historical and continued actions of Democrat politicians, negatively affects blacks - and, by implication, us all.

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Many have offered that the speech Trump gave in Charlotte, NC, was his most effective so far. It hit on a variety of subjects - economics, Hillary Clinton, law and order, terrorism, etc..

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Trump's speech on immigration was given on August 31, 2016. It was given immediately after Trump returned from meeting with the president of Mexico.

To see Trump's speech in Mexico, Click Here. As Mexico's President's speech was in Spanish, to see a translation, Click Here.

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Click Here to watch Trump's speech on Defense- 09.07.2016 in Philadelphia.

More of Trumps speeches will be added here as they become available.