Will No One Who Will Rid Me Of This Troublesome Delegate?

With apologies to Henry II

A Republican delegate to the Republican National Convention has filed a lawsuit demanding that he be allowed to NOT vote for Donald Trump on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention in July of this year.

His assertion is that requiring him to cast a ballot for someone his feels is not qualified to be President would violate his "conscience".

I believe he has forgotten - or never learned - what the job of a "delegate" is. It is to represent the "will of the people" who cast votes during the presidential primaries. In this specific case, the people he is to represent cast a majority of votes for Trump.

So, were he to be successful in his lawsuit, the result would violate both the "consciences" and voting rights of those thousands who voted for Trump.

Or, look at it another way:

Were he to be successful, others could claim the same thing. Therefore, the ultimate candidates for the presidency would be selected by the personal beliefs of 6,523 people out of a US population of over 300,000,000. That would be 2,472 Republican delegates and 4,051 Democrat delegates.

This idiot () needs to have his delegate position rescinded, take Government 101, and then find a really good "safe place" !!!