"The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming"

A Commentary

A while back, when this issue was first raised in the media, I did an article on the Russians' attempting to fool around with our presidential election. The below raises slightly different issues/questions to which all I can say is "'Tis a puzzlement".

There are many, MANY claims by the current administration (and others) that the Russian government was definitely responsible for hacking into the DNC (and supporting organizations) with the intent of helping Trump win the presidency. As yet I have seen no proof of this - just claims.

Now, it has been reported that 17 different intelligence agencies all agree that Russia was behind the hacks. This is a true and factual report. However, it wasn't always that way.

So, what are we to believe? Consider, intel analysts were forced to alter their reports to meet the agenda of the President.

So, believe NOTHING, trust NO ONE, and verify EVERYTHING before accepting anything as true. A sad commentary on today; but true nonetheless. Should you think I am overreacting here, Check This Out.

As a quick aside here, if one did not pay close attention to this hacking story, one could come away with the belief that the hackers actually tampered with the actual votes being cast. This is NOT the case; as even the White House acknowledges.

There is a theory that the ability of the hackers to break into the DNC and related offices could have come from breaches in the unauthorized, off-site server belonging to Hillary Clinton. Although seemingly plausible, there is not one shred of proof to back up this theory.

It could have been Russia, it could have been China making it look like the Russians, it could have been some 16 year old in his mother's basement, and/or it could have been Wikileaks getting it from the Russians - although Assange denies he got the info that was hacked and released from Russia.

At this point it is unclear who did what. Hacking, of course, is not a fun thing to experience. So, no "at-a-boys" are offered to whomever actually did it. But, hacking is nothing more than the latest technological tool of the age-old profession of SPYING.

Countries have been spying on other countries, both friend and foe, for as long as history has cataloged countries. Just usually one country doesn't want the other country to know what information they have "stolen". Not so in this case, apparently.

But, independent of the source(s) of the hacks, there is a burning question that has me more than somewhat puzzled.

All the hacked info highlighted corruption within and around everything "Clinton". Hence, it is understandable that some people would make the leap that it was done to bolster Trump's chances in the election.

However, and here's the rub, was anything leaked false? Apparently not. It was all fact. No one has disputed the veracity of the info leaked - not either of the Clintons, not the president, not the media - NO ONE.

Now, as any decent propagandist knows, spreading disinformation is an excellent way to achieve one's ends. But this wasn't disinformation, this was FACT. So, aside from the obvious illegalities of hacking and all that, the question that puzzles me is this:

Why are the Democrats all up in arms? Nothing was released that wasn't TRUE. Is it a disservice to the American people to be presented with facts? And, facts our people have a right to know before casting their votes for the President of The United States.

If anyone has an answer to this, please let me know.