Well, There's Always Rule 40b

The Republican National Committee (RNC) struggles daily with what to do about Donald Trump. The RNC is none too happy about Ted Cruz either - but, to them Trump is the bigger enemy.

There is some banter going around about a brokered convention - assuming neither Trump nor Cruz has the 1,237 votes necessary for nomination by the time of the Republican convention. As you are most likely aware that during a brokered convention, after the first round of voting, all "pledged" delegates are free to vote for whomever they choose - prior "pledges" are null and void.

The RNC would love such a situation. That way they could bring in anyone, vote for this new person, and have a nominated candidate for whom no one outside the convention members has voted at all. Thus, the "establishment " Republicans could choose any one they liked instead of having to "deal with" Trump or Cruz.

The above is why one reads, now and again, about names like Romney, Ryan, etc. being tossed about as possible Republican candidates for President.

However, the RNC now realizes that, as Jim Lovell once famously said, "Houston, we've had a problem". In this case it is has nothing to do with the USA's space program. It has to do with the RNC's "Rule 40b".

So, what exactly is Rule 40b?

For a complete history on this, Click Here.

The short version is that in order to keep Ron Paul from becoming the nominee when he last ran for president they modified and invoked "Rule 40b". The RNC wanted Romney. So they modified the existing rule, i.e., Rule 40b, to require that no one could be designated "the" candidate unless that person had won at least 8 states during the primary season. At the time Ron Paul had won only 4 states, Romney had at least 8.

As it is not likely that Kasich will win another state, he would be excluded from consideration. Currently (March 2016), Trump has won 19 states and Cruz has won 7. Now, it is very reasonable that Cruz will win at least one more; thus both Cruz and Trump would be eligible under Rule 40b.

Of course, this leaves the only viable choices 2 people the RNC doesn't want.

Well, they changed the rule before; so why not just change it again? As it so happens when the RNC changed Rule 40b they also added a little clause. The clause stipulated that NO change to this rule could be instituted until the RNC Convention of 2016.

Of course, this means that no "Johnny-Come-Lately" names such as Ryan or Romney or anyone else may even be considered.

O O P S !!!

The RNC has boxed themselves into a corner. Were they to attempt to change the rule during the convention, as you might expect, all Hell would break loose.

The RNC, however, doesn't seem to worry too much about that. They have other ways to try and dump Trump. And, two statements from the RNC should offer their feelings on the importance of us poor voters. See the video link below.

What's the old Chinese curse? Oh Yeah! "May you live in interesting times!"

Click Here for the Video.