The 2016 Republican Convention

The Republican Convention is now behind us. I have selected 4 (actually 7) of what I consider the best main speeches given. They were presented by Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich, Ivanka Trumo, and Donald Trump +3 others.

Of course, there were other good speeches; examples are from Donald Trump, Jr., "Rudy" Giuliani, and a few others. However, I'll stick with the four I mentioned as the best. Others are offered below only as support to statements I make.

After the videos there is an addition. Frank Luntz works for FOX by running focus groups of ordinary voters to gage their reactions. The additional video is of the focus group's views obtained after the convention concluded.

Here is Ms. Ingraham's:

Laura Ingraham's Speech

Before the link to Newt Gringrich's speech a little introduction:

Newt followed Ted Cruz' speech. Cruz had taken an pledge/oath to support the Republican nominee for president. He broke that pledge.

He offered the American people to "vote their conscience" - he did NOT suggest they vote for Trump.

Here's the pertinent portion of Cruz' speech:

Cruz - the first of 3 extras.

Or, if you would prefer a simple picture that kind of sums up Cruz and his oath,

The audience was so displeased by Cruz' failure to uphold his oath that security had to escort Cruz and his wife from the auditorium immediately after the speech. This was done out of fear for their safety - not that there were any threats, just out of a "better be safe than sorry" kind of thing.

Now, Trump was well aware of Cruz' entire speech prior to its being given. Trump let him speak anyway. Good move on Trump's part - Trump had the right to refuse to let Cruz speak.

Throughtout the primary season Trump referred to Cruz as "Lyin' Ted". By letting Cruz violate his oath, Trump proved that he, Trump, was correct in his assessment. Further, by allowing Cruz to vilolate his oath before a national audience, Cruz basically doomed any future political career in the Republican party. "Well played, Donald".

As mentioned, Newt followed Cruz on the podium. Newt ad libbed a bit before he began his speech. Newt basically, with a little humorous intent, tried to interpret what Cruz must have meant.

Now, here is Newt Gingrich's speech:

Newt Gingrich's Speech

Before the final two of the best, here's Chris Christie's offering. If what he offered wasn't so sad but true, it could almost be considered comic relief.

Here's Chris Christie - the second of 3 extras.

The last of the extras is Dr. Ben Carson's speech. Compared to his performances during the primaries, this time he looks as if he were on speed. His comments, however, were 100% on target.

Here's Dr. Ben

Next, is Ivanka's speech introducing her Father, Donald Trump:

Ivanka Trump's Speech

Finally, "The Donald's" speech:

Donald Trump's Speech

Now, for the focus group's views. Luntz assembled 20 people who claimed to be undecided before joining the group. I say "claimed" because a couple of people expressed that they were "Never Trump" people. These may not have decided for whom they would vote; but, seem to have come in decided for whom not to vote.

The group was comprised of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. The focus group was filmed live; i.e., there was no editing or filtering of their remarks. Pay little attention to Luntz' summation at the end - he offered his opinion; and, he is entitled to it. Just pay attention to what the focus group said.

Anyway, I found the results fairly suprising - especially when asked who NOW would vote for Hillary Clinton.

Frank Luntz And His Focus Group