The Progressives' Response To A Trump Win

The 2016 Presidential Election is over. Trump won. The response from the democrat/liberal/progressive side? Protests, Riots, and Vitriol. Click Here, Here, and Here. There are more instances, of course.

According to what I've researched, these protests/riots have been called for, financed, and orchestrated by - an organization owned and heavily influenced by George Soros. That fact alone should be sufficient for anyone to become outraged and furious. For a little move on Soros being behind election result protests, Click Here.

One of my "favorite" news clips is this one: Click Here. The views expressed by this young woman were also expressed by many others.

She, and others, are calling for violence and death to those who disagree with her? Truly disgusting.

I may be a bit confused; but, aren't these the same people who accused Trump of spreading hate and divisiveness? Or, can we all join together and spell "HYPOCRISY"?

If I understand this correctly, people who are for removing guns from our citizens, have not done sufficient political research to really know about which they speak, and need "safe places" every time someone says something they don't like want to kill those who truly love our Country, follow the US Constitution, and are armed.

I can't help but be reminded of 2 movie quotes:

Clint Eastwood's line: "Go ahead, make my day!"

And, a slight modification of Sean Connery's line from the "Untouchables": "Never bring the combination of ignorance, weakness, and threats to a gun fight."