Oh Yeah?

Let me see. I think I have the stories right. June 30, 2016.

Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for possible criminal charges relating to her deleting and hiding emails/documents via her own, private server. Should the FBI find "Probable Cause", the FBI would send a recommendation to the Department of Justice to bring formal criminal changes. It would be up to the Attorney General to go with the recommendation or not.

On the 27th of June Hillary Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton, waits for and meets privately with the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch - no records exist of the conversation.

On June 30th, 3 days later, the Department of Justice, headed up by this same Loretta Lynch, files a motion to delay (until October 2018) releasing correspondence among Hillary Clinton's 4 top aides dealing with the aides' interaction with the Clinton Foundation. This correspondence is estimated at some 34,000 documents.

Of course, there was nothing discussed between Lynch and the former president at that private meeting having to do with any potential "issues" of legal importance - At least that's Lynch's story.

Besides that such a meeting breaks the all rules of "conflict of interest" from a legal standpoint, is there anyone out there naive enough to believe Lynch's assertion of an innocent conversation?

I certainly hope not.

Oh, yes, I know, one is innocent until proven guilty. But, the "smell" of this is sufficient that Lynch should recuse herself from any decisions re: the "Clinton Email Scandal". In any normal criminal proceedings such a meeting between a potential prosecutor and a family relation to a defendant would be grounds for a mistrial, were one in progress.