Obama's Last Speech To The United Nations

Very Reminiscent Of John Lennon's Song, "Imagine"

President Obama gave his final speech to the United Nations. In summary, I felt it very reminiscent of the song by John Lennon, "Imagine". Obama seemed to "imagine" a future world as he would like to see it. And, this is fine even if many don't share his vision. But, more to the point, he seemed to "imagine" the current world as he wishes it were. This isn't "fine" as it leads to faulty and dangerous decision making on a grand scale.

If you desire, watch his entire speech. My comments are below.

My COMMENTS On Obama's Speech:

First, a short editorial note: I have included this article in sections normally focused on Hillary Clinton. Obama's speech said nothing directly about our upcoming elections nor anything directly relating to Hillary Clinton. However, as she, by all measures, seems to be running on a platform that suggests an "Obama Third Term", I felt it appropriate to include this.

As usual, Obama's delivery was excellent. At speaking before large audiences he is one of the best.

The subject matter, however, was also akin to many speeches he has given. That is, the speech was filled with half-truths, misdirects, and a view of the world not based on reality.

First, as a distinct positive, he offered admonitions on the human rights issues existing throughout the Islamic world. However, in doing so he was very clear on the fact that ISIS, and their "kin", were but a perversion of a great religion. This, basically, is a false narrative that he wants to perpetuate. As the explanation for my view takes a bit more than a single sentence or two, my explanation is at the bottom of this piece.

Now, let's look at some of his quotes from the speech.

1) "We've taken away any terrorists' safe havens."

For anyone who can and does read or watch the news these days, this is ludicrous. Terrorists have safe havens throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the United States. It is only political correctness and a desire by many for an open borders world that continues to allow terrorists secure operations - from large groups to the "lone wolf" actions.

2) "...Resolved the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomacy."

Not even close! This "diplomacy" resulted in the US giving Iran hundreds of millions of dollars, a good deal of it in cash, a diplomacy that forbids inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities without prior permission from Iran, etc. - and to Iran which is the largest sponsor of global terrorism in the world. All of this "diplomacy" has allowed Iran to pursue whatever nuclear buildup they desire - unchecked.

3) "...Establishing a framework to protect our planet from the ravages of climate change."

What "ravages" are evidenced anywhere? An ice flow somewhere seeming to be melting where an ice flow somewhere else is building up? What protection? For millions and millions of years our planet has undergone climate change and will continue to do so for millions of years to come.

4) "A quarter of a century after the end of the cold war the world is by many measures less violent and more prosperous than ever before."

This list of ongoing conflicts may be viewed as a refute to his statement. And, this does not take into account the many terrorist actions being taken daily across the globe.

5) "Over the last 25 years the number of people living in extreme poverty has been cut from nearly 40% of humanity to under 10%"

Well, check out this statistic of the current poverty situation.

6) "...That the end of the cold war lifted the shadow of nuclear armageddon."

I do believe that with Iran and North Korea continually threatening the world with nuclear attacks, the shadow of nuclear armageddon has not completely passed. Even Obama, later in his speech, decries the actions and threats of North Korea.

7) Speaking of the period forward from WW II, "..That the battlefields of Europe have been replaced by peaceful union."

Interesting! But, the old battlefields have been replaced by "refugees" committing violent crime after crime throughout Europe - Europe is NOT a peaceful union at this point in time. Europe has invited this new battlefield into their world via their own volition.

NOTE: The above 7 items happened within the first 8 minutes of his speech - in total his speech was 47 minutes long.

8) On workers in general, "In advanced economies like my own unions have been undermined and many manufacturing jobs have disappeared."

The high wages insisted upon by unions are a major reason why companies like Ford have moved their manufacturing operations to Mexico and places like it. What with minimum wage laws, etc., the original need for unions has long disappeared. Unions are the cause not, as Obama infers, the solution.

9) "Last year poverty in this country (i.e., the US) fell at the fastest rate in nearly 50 years."

In this the president was accurate - with a big "BUT".

Below is a poverty rate chart from the Census Bureau.

As you can see from 2014 to 2015 the poverty rate decreased by 2.4%. And, this is a good thing, of course. But, look at the period 2012 to 2013. It rose 1.6% and recovered the next year.

This is like a department store raising its prices on Monday by 25% followed by a "sale" on Friday of 30% off. Yes, there is a savings; but only a very small one.

10) "So, we need new models for the global marketplace, models that are inclusive and sustainable."

This sounds fairly innocuous, right? WRONG! Here, Obama is singing to the choir at the UN. The UN has put forth a long-term agenda called "Agenda 21". The words "sustainable" and "sustainability" are key words to recognize what he really means. Agenda 21 is a global initiative/plan, essentially, to remove all national boundaries from any practical existence.

Here is the UN's paper on Agenda 21; its subtitle is Sustainable Development. For a "what does all that mean?" discussion, Click Here. This is NOT a good thing for America. It is only good for the few that would run things; and, it will not be You or I.

11) "In America, one problem is a patchwork of laws that makes it harder to vote."

I must assume he is referring to Voter ID Laws that exist in a "patchwork" fashion throughout the US. Just imagine the audacity of the American people wanting only citizens of our country to be able to vote for our leaders! (Sarcasm Intended!)

Here is but a partial list of things in America that require an ID.

Forget the fact that FREE IDs are available to all in every one of our 50 States.

Being against Voter IDs is merely a means of ensuring that those on government assistance of some type will continue to vote for the political party that will assure the continuance of free stuff.

As an example of this, the current administration (i.e. The Department of Homeland Security) recently confessed to mistakenly granting US citizenship to some 858 illegals from terrorist countries.

Most of these people mistakenly granted citizenship, as most of the recent immigrants to our Nation have been, will be on some form of government assistance. It is expected that these new citizens will vote accordingly. "Mistake"? Bullfeathers! And, 858 are only the ones the DHS admitted to.

OH, WAIT! Maybe it's really much more than 858 after all. It's actually 1,811 and counting, I presume..

And, there's more on this subject. As to my comment above on new citizens mainly voting for those who would continue/further their government assistance, it seems the DHS has been asked to fast track new citizens prior to November's election. This is per an internal DHS document documented in an email obtained by Senate Republicans.

12. "Decision makers have forgotten that democracies need to be driven by . . ., NOT by experts from the top-down."

I 100% agree with his sentiment. However, Obama's own record shows he operates exactly as he admonishes others against.

For but a small example, take the Affordable Health Care Act. With this law came some 20,000 pages of rules and regulations, defined by "experts", and forced upon all us from the "top-down". Practice what you preach, sir.

13. "In Europe and the United States you see people wrestle with concerns about immigration and changes in demographics, and, suggesting that somehow people who look different are corrupting the characters of our countries."

With the wide variety of people who are citizens of our Nation, any issue is clearly not due to how someone looks. Any issue(s) stems from what others do to contribute to the well being of our country; its economics, its safety, its laws, and its future - Nothing more, nothing less.

14. He, basically, equated Islamic treatment of ethnic/religious minorities in other countries to disparities in the treatment of minorities here in the US. (Note: the actual quote was too long and convoluted to repeat here.)

Does this man have no clue as to how "minorities" are actually treated in Islamic countries? Even if a sect of Islam is different, the "offending sect's" people are tortured and killed. Minorities, in many cases, are actual slaves. The list of atrocities is almost endless.

Minorities in this country throw a fit, it seems, if some of them don't have a cell phone and are expected to actually follow the law.

15. "Surely Israel and Palestine will be better off if Palestinians reject incitement and recognize the legitimacy of Israel; but, Israel (must) recognize(s) that it cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land."

OK! I have to admit this one got to me as much as anything he said. Mr. President, what is and where is Palestinian land exactly? In the history of the world there has never been a Nation or country called "Palestine".

In days of ancient past the Romans referred to an area, which is now Israel, as palestine. But, that was a geographical description - much like me now saying I'm from North America.

The West Bank of Israel is officially designated as disputed territory - not "Palestine". Officially and geographically, the West Bank lies wholly within the Nation of Israel. Israel has - many, many times - offered land to what is called the palestinian people so they could, for the first time in history, have their own, legitimate country. These palestinian people's governing bodies have resolutely rejected such. They only want Israel to disappear from the map.

The President is on the wrong side of history and reality on this one.

16. "We've bound our power (meaning the US) to international laws and institutions."

Well, he certainly has tried to do this. But, when did Congress vote on or approve this "bounding our power"? The answer is NEVER!

This is all a subset of "no borders" and George Soros' "New World Order" globalism. See THIS and THIS.

17. "When Iran agrees to accept constraints on its nuclear program, that enhances global security."

As was referenced in #2, above, this is never likely to occur. And here Obama admits that the "diplomacy", mentioned in #2, above, did not accomplish what he "imagined".

18. "We can only eliminate extreme poverty if the sustainability development goals that we have set are more than words on paper."

The "We" in his statement must refer to the UN and NOT the US. See the "Agenda 21" discussion in #10, above.

And, finally the pièce de résistance:

19. "But, I am convinced that in the long-run giving up some freedom of action, not giving up our ability to protect ourselves or pursue our core interests, but binding ourselves to international rules, over the long-term, enhances our security."

This, of course, reminds me of a quote from Ben Franklin, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Even though he was mainly talking about matters financial, the quote is applicable across the board.

Now, for the discussion on ISIS, and the like, offering a perversion of Islam.

Unfortunately, what ISIS does in the name of Islam is exactly what a strict following of Islamic teaching and law dictates - or, at least permits. This includes having women as slaves, lying to support the furthering of Islam, killing of unbelivers, and many more things not of our culture.

If you care not to believe me, please check out the following for some much needed elucidation: Click Here