More Media Bias

There are many, many articles describing the bias of the progressive media in favor of Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency. So many, in fact, that some are now calling CNN, a prime offender in this regard, the "Clinton News Network".

The latest example comes via Reuters.

Donald Trump visited a church in Detroit, an African-American / black church. (I actually hate using a racial designation for a church. A church should be for all people. Not how the media sees and reports it, obviously. Perhaps the media is not as inclusive or ecumenical as I would like. But, I digress.)

Trump's speech was recognized by the congregation with a standing ovation, cheers, and clapping.

The Reuters' news crew was the only "feed" of the event. Someone with better "tools" than have I did an audio analysis of the video offered by Reuters. The following link is to the video portion in question with closed captions of the background conversation amongst the film crew: Click Here for the video. The film crew is heard stopping the filming due to the accolades being given Trump.

The video of the full Reuters' coverage may be seen Here. It is easy to see where the camera goes unsteady at the end just before the film cuts, as is shown in the short portion above..

Back in 1897 The New York Times coined the phrase "All The News That's Fit To Print". Today, I guess that means "All The News We Want You To See - Even If We Have To Alter Or Cut It".

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