A Well Deserved & Appropriate Endorsement for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton - UH, make that two!!!

What's the old saying? "Birds of a feather flock..." with whom?

Well, technically the Communist party is endorsing Democrats. More to the point, they are going to push for anyone who is not a Republican. So, for president, the only Democrat is Hillary Clinton.

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Well, Hillary just got another appropriate endorsement. This one is from the head of the Ku Klux Kan (KKK).

Now, of course, no one can stop someone from offering an endorsement. However, nowhere that I can find is any repudiation of the Communists' nor the KKK's endorsements by any Democrat - including Hillary Clinton.

So, my advice to anyone supporting H. Clinton, or Democrats in general, is to be wary of the "birds" with whom you wish to flock.