The Seemingly Insidiousness of Our Political System

The race for the 2016 Presidential elections is receiving heightened media coverage these days. We are bombarded with stories of how both political parties are playing games with the nomination process. We have super delegates, unbound delegates, bound delegates who seem to switch sides at the drop of a hat, and caucus processes which far from represent the majorities. We see nomination rules being in place within both the Democratic and Republican parties that seem to make the federal tax code look simple.

These same rules seem to imply that the party leaders have the edge as to having the nominee of their choice wind up the winner - independent of votes being cast by "We The People". And, of course, conspiracy theories abound.

So, do our votes really have objective meaning and do they really count? Well, of course they do. But, how much they count may be questionable. And, be aware, there are two kinds of voters - the informed and the uninformed. The difference between these two will determine whether what counts is positive or negative.

Informed voters take the time and energy to research candidates - their applicable experiences and records, parties, platforms, and the credibility of each. Uninformed voters tend to just accept the narratives offered them by whatever news media they happen to watch or listen to. And, would the news media - any news media - lie to us? Of course they would - and do. Note to all the uninformed voters: The old adage holds, "If it sound too good to be true, then . . ."

It is plain human nature to more readily accept that which makes us feel good or more closely adheres to what we would like to see happen. Facts often have no relevance.

With all that is going around the news cycles, as might be imagined, conspiracy theories abound about what's really going on. And, who doesn't like a good, juicy conspiracy theory? After all, a good ole conspiracy theory is good entertainment - perhaps to our detriment - but, entertainment nonetheless.

So, in the spirit of conspiracy theories, I offer this one - Hey! It's entertainment:

This goes back to the 2008 presidential runs. Hillary was leading Obama in the polls. They both attended (summoned?) to the Bilderberg Conference that year held outside of DC. If you are not aware of the Bilderberg Group, who belongs, and what it does, Click Here and Click Here.

After the meeting Hillary departed - BUT, Obama was requested to stay.

Two days after the meeting Hillary dropped out of the race. Coincidence?????

Bilderberg Conference 2008 - 06.06.2008

Hillary drops out in 2008 - 06.07.2008

So, who is really in charge of our destiny?