A Vet Asks Hillary "THE" Question

On 09.07.2016 was held the first ever "Commander-In-Chief Forum". Below is an excerpt of that forum.

A VET asked Hillary Clinton the question that many of us who worked in "sensitive" areas of defense have been asking ourselves.

Watch the exchange and then come back.

Mrs. Clinton's answers showed a distinct lack of understanding of things classified. Not something desirable in our next president - or in any high-level government employee.

She went on about the "markings" of documents, including headers and the like. The classification "markings" on documents are there to identify if classified information is included - or not.

However, the content of a document is what makes it classified or not - NOT the "markings", per se. Personnel working at the level of a Secretary of State who do not, or can not, recognize sensitive information when seeing it or writing it, is clearly in the wrong job and woefully inadequate for any position dealing with such information.

For example, it has been uncovered that within the emails recovered from H. Clinton's personal, non-secure server was information dealing with planned drone strikes in Pakistan.

Anyone should immediately recognize such information as "classified" - markings or not.

Now, dealing with classified information can get a little tricky at times. And, Mrs. Clinton is not the only one culpable here. The referenced email(s), referenced above, were sent from someone, somewhere. That someone should have applied the proper "markings". It could have been that the "markings" were stripped from the email(s) prior to Mrs. Clinton viewing them.

Either of these actions is a security violation. But, more importantly in this instance, anyone viewing what is obviously recognizable as classified information and not properly "marked" should report the violation immediately. This was not done by Mrs. Clinton - another security violation.

The VET's question was totally appropriate and right on the money. Had he OR You OR I done this type of thing we would be in jail now. Let's not forget the old adage: "Ignorance of the law is no excuse!" - And, the law was broken here.

Her answers were either purposefully crafted as misdirections OR she has little, if any, understanding of the importance of classified information, how to handle it, or even what such is.

Such ignorance or disregard of our National Security information has no place in any official, government position where sensitive information is involved - much less the presidency.