Those Charged With A Crime, Even When Innocent, Are Always Punished

The legal system in this country needs an adjustment. I offer "the legal system" and not "the justice system" because I maintain that any intersection between the US legal system and true justice is purely coincidental. The title 'The Justice Department' is not indicative of its operation.

Here is but one very small example:

Tim Kaine, Democrat Senator from Virginia and Hillary Clinton's pick for VP, is under fire with accusations of corruption. This stems from numerous gifts he received totally amounting to, as best I can determine, some $160,000.

Although perhaps a bit unseemly, nothing he did appears to be in violation of any law - state or federal. Yet, he is being plagued by negative media coverage over his acceptance of the gifts. He has not been charged with any crime nor is he likely to be. There are many reasons why Kaine may not be "my cup of tea", but this isn't one of them.

Now, contrast this with the case of a past Virginia Governor, Robert F. McDonnell. He was tainted with very similar charges as Kaine. However, in McDonnell's case, both he and his wife were charged with crimes and convicted. Later, on appeal, McDonnell was cleared of all charges - OR, he was innocent to begin with.

We should be aware that Kaine, of course, is a Democrat, and McDonnell is a Republican. Why is that even a consideration? The current administration leads the Democrat Party - which includes, of course, the US Attorney General.

McDonnell's entire ordeal seems to have been orchestrated as a political attack. McDonnell was followed as governor by Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat and, in my opinion, one of the more distasteful and dishonest politicians alive today. Why do I feel so strongly against McAuliffe? Watch This Video And See!

Further, McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton seem to be "close". Could this be the reason McDonnell was inapropriately targeted?

Yes, of course McDonnell was eventually found innocent. But, to have that happen his career was ruined and untold thousands of dollars were expended by him to prove he had done nothing wrong. Yes, he was "punished" even though he was innocent.

Our, any, "justice system" should NOT favor the rich vs. the poor and should NOT favor or disfavor one due to race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. And, most definitely should NOT favor one person over another due to political connections. Unfortunately the above "NOTs" are NOT, themselves, being followed today. And, we all can discern at least one recent event that proves my point.