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The 2016 Presidential election looms before us. Perhaps at no time until today have we had such a wide ideological separation of choices for our next president - Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton.

This election is much too important to our Nation to let sensibilities, political correctness, and/or favored political party alliances stand in the way of making the right choice for our Country.

I wish it to be known that I am an independent. I hold no allegiance to any political party. I am a Constitutionalist. I cast my vote for the person I feel is the best person to uphold my views on what is best for my Nation, my State, and my community.

By "Constitutionalist" perhaps Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's quote best describes what I mean: "The Constitution is not an organism; it’s a legal text, for Pete’s sake. Unless you give [the laws] the meaning of those who enacted them, you’re destroying democracy." My words: Either follow the Constitution as written in the context of those who wrote it when they wrote it, OR change the Constitution; pretending it says something it doesn't or ignoring it is NOT an option. It's "THE" Law of our Nation.

This piece is primarily aimed at those who gain their political news from the "established" media sources: e.g.: NBC, FOX, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, etc. If these sources are you primary sources, then much of what is below may not have reached you. That does not make the information below wrong, it makes the following information no less factual but possibly "new" and "different" than that offered by mainstream media sources.

Back in 1896 Adolph Simon Ochs, the then owner of the New York Times, coined the phrase "All The News That's Fit To Print". The slogan was very successful. Sad though it may be, today's news outlets seem to operate by the following:

"Only the news that fits our political narrative - even if we have to alter the facts."

Examples: See This, This, This, This, and This.

A few quotes from history may help to understand why other than the normal news sources may in the best interests of us all:

"Truth is universal. Perception of truth is not."

-- Anonymous

"Perceptions about people can be powerful. They can also be powerfully wrong."

-- Craig Dresang

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth."

-- Vladimir Lenin

“The person in the saddle is not necessarily the one holding the reins.”

-- D. Cypriani Regis

For an example of the applicability of the above quote Click Here. The timing of the two incidents referenced in the link is not easily ignored.

As long as we're on slogans and such, this "campaign button" seems to be applicable today.

Further, the media - with both candidates - seem to be playing the "prove a negative" game - something almost always very hard to do. For example, Hillary Clinton is put in the position of proving she never tried to intimidate the women accusing her husband of unwanted sexual "advances". Donald Trump is put in the position of proving he never "groped" or was never "inappropriate" with women back in the 80s. Such "proving" is hard to do, if not impossible.

Worse to me is that the media's entire game seems to be NOT focusing on issues but, rather, focusing on character denigration. It's to the point that one can believe nothing the media offers. What a disservice to the American people and to their profession.

Nowadays, when was the last time anybody believed any advertising without checking it out before spending one's hard earned money? I wonder what would occur should voters apply this same criteria to the politicians we elect.

I, as best I could, have ensured that the information provided herein is accurate.


Rather than just offering clearly delineated facts and opinions, today's news and political offerings seem more appropriate to the Jerry Springer show. It's reality TV on steroids!

Sensationalism, although perhaps great for news/TV ratings, does nothing to offer what is needed to make an informed political decision.

Politicians today seem to be focused on what the polls have to say. The American people seem most interested in that which is "sleazy". It's fun to watch and listen to. You know, just like reality TV. Personally, I would much rather hear about solutions to our country's problems from our politicians and news media and not all the gossip that may or may not be true.

Here are 10 examples of the "sleaze" going around:

1. I personally don't care about what Trump said 11 years ago. Speaking with some sort of supposed bravado/macho language - however offensively it may be perceived - at the type of venue in which he spoke in no way implies what he does or would actually do. And, it's very naive to assume otherwise. "News" stories such as this affect not one single issue facing us today. And, yes, there are other such stories about Trump out there. But, are they true?

On the other hand, for example, there is this report on statements allegedly made by the Clintons when they thought they were in a private setting. Do you honestly think they act, or would act, per what they said?

2. I personally don't care that President Obama made truly offensive, racially based statements in his past. It affects not one single issue facing us today - or even when he was running the first time.

3. I personally don't care that there is evidence that Obama may be gay. So what if he is (or not)!? A person's sexual orientation is not, or shouldn't be, an issue in politics - and none of our business. AND, it would affect not one single issue facing us today - or even when he was running the first time. (As an aside: The man in this video is named Larry Sinclair. If you want to find out more, go to google and type in "Larry Sinclair dead" and see what you get.)

4. I personally don't care that Hillary Clinton may be bi-sexual. That would be none of our business nor would this be germane to a person's leadership capabilities. AND, it would affect not one single issue facing us today.

5. I personally don't care that Hillary may have been abusive toward those around her including her husband. That would be her husband's and those she may have abused problem, even assuming that the story is true. And, it affects not one single issue facing us today. However, this does speak somewhat to "temperament", I feel.

6. I personally don't care how many women Hillary Clinton's husband has had sex with as long as it wasn't rape. His sexual exploits, past and present, may possibly be interesting to the legal system and/or to those wishing to satisfy their prurient interests from afar. But, his prior liaisons affect not one single issue facing us today. And, he is not running for president.

7. I personally don't care that the wife of a sitting US president rants hypocritically and untruthfully about the language the opposition party's candidate said over a decade ago when she routinely invites rappers to the White House. She even takes her children to rapper concerts where the lyrics are not the best for anyone, much less female children. The lyrics of these rappers are far worse than anything said by the opposition party's candidate. And, besides, this affects not one issue facing our country today.

8. I personally don't care that a presidential candidate says something different in public than in private, especially to donors, but ONLY if they don't PROMISE different things depending on where/with whom they are. Actually, words have no impact on any issue facing us today - promises or otherwise; the intended actions of the speakers do. Most politicians will say what is necessary to gain money or election results. What one does - not says - is what is critical.

9. I personally don't care about accusations made against a candidate, however salacious, by someone 22 years after the supposed incident, especially when the accuser is paid to do so. No one knows the veracity of the claim - and probably never will; but, it has no relevance to issues that confront our country today.

Trivia Alert on the Above Item: Toward the beginning of this article I opinioned that today's politics resembled the "Jerry Springer Show". One of the men, "Al Taylor", behind having the accuser bring forth her unproven allegations was a producer of "The Jerry Springer Show". Seems only fitting, I feel.

10. I personally don't care if Bill Clinton has illegitimate children (one or many) or not. Hillary Clinton is running for president - NOT Bill. Even should the stories prove to be true, such information would affect not one single issue facing us today.

Note: If the above 10 "sleaze" items piqued your interest, either positively or negatively, more so than regular political news items, then you have fallen into the media's trap. I suggest one ignore anything in the "sleaze" category as the media offers such only as a diversion from facts that actually matter. As a simple example, while the media focuses on the "sleaze" to entertain us, the national budget deficit rose 34%. And, don't think that's the only issue the media is "passing by". In no small way the media's approach resembles ancient Rome and the gladiator games - "entertain" so as to divert focus from the ills of the nation.

Now, if you wish NOT to read all the material below, This Video will allow sufficent information to make a voting decision. But, let me assure you, the below information goes WAY beyond the items addressed in this video.

However, . . .

It is troubling when a candidate is branded a racist on social media when what was stated is statistically provable as fact AND, of the 6 groups mentioned, only one can be classified as a race. People need to look up the word racist before using it. Just to be clear, stating a fact is NOT racist no matter the "target" group(s).

As an aside here, the word racist can be both a noun and an adjective. Whenever it is used incorrectly, not only is it offensive and slanderous, it also tends to make the listener discount one's offered opinion as "not worthy of consideration" - even though the point attempting to be made may be a valid one. So, choose words carefully.

It is troubling when a candidate's leaked emails offer attitudes/actions diametrically opposed to Superman's "Truth, Justice, and the American Way".

It is troubling when our Nation's security is put at risk by a presidential candidate not following our laws on handling of such information as is evidenced by Clinton's email handling. By her own admission Clinton has broken not only the spirit of but also the letter of the following US Laws: 44 U.S. Code 3101 On the handling of government information, 18 U.S. Code 1924 On the handling of classified information and/or documents, and 18 U.S. Code 2071 On the concealment, removal, or mutilation generally of government/classified information. And, by the way, Mrs. Clinton, the "mistate(s)" you admit to often, re: your handling of emails, were, in fact, mistakes - as you said; but, they were also crimes.

It is troubling that a presidential candidate plays on the fears of the American People with her support of the "Climate Change Threat". This "threat" is nothing more than a means to greater dependence by and control of us all.

It is troubling that a presidential candidate uses political connections which allow them to escape the legal system and justice.

It is troubling when a candidate who wishes to follow in the footsteps of the current president doesn't AT LEAST decry the practice of intimidation and extortion by the very governmental department aimed at assuring justice for all.

It is troubling when "journalism" seems "in the tank" for one candidate to the point of severe bias. Journalism is designed to be free of bias - or, it used to be.

It is troubling when the majority of FBI and DOJ agents and investigators are dismayed at their bosses failing to bring justice to a guilty party.

It is troubling that a candidate maintains as an ally someone who fosters corruption. For more on this "ally", see "Fast Terry".

It is troubling that a candidate has as her primary aide a person with close ties to radical Islamics and could be the Chief of Staff to our next president.

It is troubling when a candidate seems to accidently validate concerns people have about her believing she is above the law - or, that laws are only applicable when she feels they are warranted. There was a question relating to Roe vs. Wade and late term abortion in the 3rd presidential debate. Hillary offered that "And, I can tell you that government has no business in the decisions that women make.". Of course she meant the federal government - and, I agree with her. However, wasn't the federal government responsible for the passing of Roe vs. Wade? Of course, it was. And, doesn't Roe vs. Wade deal with decisions women make? Of course it does. Therefore, it would seem that she is presenting the argument that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. Now, of course, I don't think she wasn't doing that - BUT, that's what she said.

It is troubling that one of the candidates seems to care not for the sovereignty of our Nation. This candidate wants "open borders" where countless, violent crimes are committed by some who cross our Southern border illegally bringing disease to our country, including Tuberculosis: Click Here and Click Here.

- And worse, these "immigrants" are not even screened for diseases. For an excellent summary on this subject, Click Here.

It is troubling when the State Department attempts to sway the FBI into changing the classification of documents to lessen the chances of criminal charges being brought against a candidate.

It is troubling that one candidate wants to increase the number of "refugees" from the Middle East by some 500%+ when it is not possible to determine the possibility of their being potential terrorists or not - even by this candidate's own admission.

It is troubling when a senior government official uses their position in the government to allow favors to special friends for financial gain.

It is troubling when over 95% of the media's financial donations are to one party's candidate. It seems hard to accept the media's being non-biased when the lion's share of the money goes to a single political party.

It is troubling when one candidate suggests that the religious beliefs of Americans as well as our basic culture must change to fit her narrative of what is best

. It is troubling to find a political party's operative admit that voter fraud is widespread, that he helps in effecting it, and he is helping it to be an even larger issue. See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Of course, as might be expected, the president offers that voter fraud is not significant. I guess the validity of his statement would depend on how many times one views illegal acts and thwarting the "Will of the People" is significant. For a start, upwards of 4 million dead people still registered to vote should seem to be "significant". In the same speech the president offers that blaming others for failures means "you don't have what it takes to be in this job."; i.e., the job of president. See the clip excerpt HERE. One wonders how many times the president blamed George Bush for things the president couldn't fix.

It is troubling when a man like Geoge Soros is connected to a company - a NON-US Company - that supplies the voting machines & technology used for our elections in 16 of our States. But, does Soros have any connection to either Clinton or Trump?

As an aside, several years ago when Glenn Beck was on FOX he and his staff did very excellent research. Since then? Well, maybe not so much. Anyway, to see Beck's expose' on George Soros from back in the day, Click Here. It's worth the watch.

It is troubling that new information seems to be released every day on the corruption of one candidate. Yet the main media sources seem reluctant to report on same.

It is troubling that one candidate is continually being called a racist for objecting to illegal immigrants being given free access to our country and objecting to allowing Muslims being allowed free access to our country without being able to vet them as to terrorist connections when neither being Hispanic nor being a Muslim is a race.

And, for a little more clarity on the racist thing, look up the word racist. To quote the character Inigo Montoya from the movie 'The Princess Bride', "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

It is troubling when the campaign of one candidate falsely instills violence in the other candidate's rallies to generate discontent and mistrust. AND, it is especially onerous and troubling that the same person leading these voter fraud/violent activities has been a guest of the White House some 300+ times.

It is troubling to find a political candidate (and her family) so closely tied to and so financially dependant upon a man who seeks a borderless world and global governance.

It is troubling that one candidate supports an organization that was founded on the principle of the genocide of blacks.

It is troubling about a candidate who, when required to answer 25 questions on the email scandal, answers 21 of them with "I don't recall." If her memory is truly that bad, which I seriously doubt, then the poor woman should not be let out alone much less be allowed to run the country.

It is troubling that a senior General Officer is facing felony charges for giving false information to the FBI when his supposed crime is far, far less than those which one candidate, who was not charged, has obviously done.

It is troubling that a candidate, while Secretary of State, makes a deal for US uranium resources to be controlled by Russia while, as part of the deal, her foundation rakes in millions of dollars. In addition, one may find THIS interesting.

It is troubling about a presidential candidate who finds humor in their legal handling of the rape of a 12-year-old child.

It is troubling that the chief aide of one candidate was allowed to have multiple paying jobs while receiving full pay from the taxpayers.

It is troubling about people residing in the White House with this kind of history.

The list goes on and on. Today's political scene resembles, as I remarked, The Jerry Springer Show. I long for the days gone by where political issues were the focus; such as between William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal in this somewhat entertaining exchange.

We should all be aware of what our Congress is allowed to do for us. The list is fairly short and is contained in Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution - NOTHING ELSE IS ALLOWED BY LAW. Ever since the presidency of Woodrow Wilson this list has been adhered to way too seldom. An example of what failing to adhere to the Constitution by our government looks like is shown in this simple graphic:

Were this your family would it not occur to you that some "scaling back" was in order?

Both candidates and political parties promise to do The Right Thing For America. The Right Thing For America? What does that actually even mean? What you may feel is the answer to that most likely would differ from my answer - and, would differ from our neighbor's views. Look for specifics - NOT sound bites - in your decision making.

Both candidates, as but a single example, say the other's tax plan is bad for the American people. Believe NOTHING you hear - check everything. Review Donald Trump's tax plan and review Hillary Clinton's tax plan. See which one has the details to make an honest assessment of what is best for the Nation - not you, personally, but for the Nation. But, remember the old adage: Figures lie and liars figure.

Do the same for all the issues that face us. Only then make an informed decision.

Our emotions sometimes get the best of us. We often pine for politicians to do what we would like to see happen - not what is necessarily legal to happen. But, we are a Nation of laws cemented by our Constitution. Should the majority feel the laws are not correct and/or insufficient to permit The Right Thing For America, this country's process is to change the laws, not simply ignore them. I believe we've had enough of that.

The below list of applicable links is long. And, any 1, 5, 10, 20, or even 50 of the linked articles offered below could be viewed as: 1) Simple coincidence, 2) The result of "The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy", 3) Bias against Mrs. Clinton because she is a woman, 4) Mischaracterizations, OR any of a number of things you might conjure up.

BUT, taken as a whole, the totality of the content below should offer anyone, at a minimum, pause when contemplating our next presidential choice. The preponderance of the information in the articles below should make it crystal clear that at least one of the candidates is not worthy of the public's trust.

Oh, I know. I've heard it. One of the candidates has over 35 years experience in politics; therefore, that candidate has much more capability and credibility than any other candidate. Always be wary of such a statement. It can mean, and often does mean, the person has 1 year of experience 35 times. Further, that same candidate has absolutely no managerial experience while her opponent has a world of management experience but no political experience. One can select others with political experience as advisors. Without management experience one won't know how to correctly choose those to help. You'll just have to trust my 35+ years in management on this.

A leader, especially of a nation, MUST have the ability and proven experience to effectively manage. The last 7+ years has shown the effects of someone chosen to lead without having prior managerial experience (see the chart just below).

One of the candidates, by all measures, is running in the footsteps of the Obama Administration. The measures this candidate offers look, indeed, as but the 3rd Obama Term. We get to decide by our votes if this is a good thing or not. The below graphic should be a clue to us all.

As an aside before the links:

All that having been offered, we should all look beyond just these 2 candidates. The issues facing us are too diverse to properly grasp in total. My suggestion is that each of us identify and focus on 3 issues for which we care the most (examples COULD BE: The Economy including jobs, National Security, and The National Debt). Investigate each candidate as to their intents and ability to solve whatever 3 thing we identify. Attempting to focus too broadly may not be the best course of action and could lead to confusion.

My suggestion: With a choice between "style" and "substance", always choose "substance". But, do the research to ensure that the "substance" is verifiable and germane. And, voting for someone because of race, gender, or whatever other "adjective" is just as fallacious and wrong as NOT voting for someone for similar reasons.


The Links:

NOTE: Much of the information offered below was NOT available to you if you only watched/read the "main" media sources as identified above.

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NOTE: If you don't know who Soros is, this should offer a start. Well, of course, there's this.

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As an aside:

The above 2 stories are akin to Obama telling a lie when there was absolutely no advantage in him doing so. As the following clip will show, he claims that his parents "got together", and thus his birth, after (and party because of) the civil rights march in Selma, AL. Unfortunately, per his birth certificate, he was born in 1961 - the Selma march happened in 1965. Watch the clip and then come back.

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And, there is so much more.


If more than the above is needed to make a proper choice for our Nation, then, as is said in the South,

"Bless your heart!"