On Voter Fraud

It is widely held that voter fraud in our elections is, by and large, committed by Democrats. Whether this perception is true or not, the recent undercover videos by "Project Veritas" clearly point an organized Democrat initiative toward voter fraud and other actions aimed at disrupting the American voting process. See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. By the way, this article may be of interest.

However, Democrats like to point out that the actual number of prosecuted cases of voter fraud is very small. And, this is a true statement. However, consider: Compare the number of successful prosecutions of running a stop sign with your guess as to the number of actual incidents of running a stop sign which were never witnessed, let off with a warning, etc. The Democrat analysis of data is faulty at its core.

As unsavory as such an organized voter fraud initiave is, the Democrat-led Department of Justice just released a warning on the subject. Apparently the DOJ let us know that attempting to thwart voter fraud may be a crime.

EXCUSE ME !?!?!?!

If I understand this correctly, the DOJ is saying that attempting to stop a crime may be a crime. I feel that most intelligent people might feel that stopping a crime would be a positive act of community service.

But, hey, that's just me.