A Simple Task In Preparation For The 2016 Presidential Election

As anyone who has searched for information on the internet knows, one can find anything. Superman's motto was "Truth, Justice, and the American Way". None of these have much bearing on what one might find on the internet. As I continue, please keep this in mind.

As of this writing, January 3, 2016, the frontrunners in the candidacy for the office of President of The United States are:

Of course the frontrunner status could change as time progresses. But, for now let's stick with the 4 people above.

To help us all in our selection of who is best for the office of President of the United States, here is a very simple task.

On the web go to www.google.com and do 4 searches, one for each candidate.

Type into the Google search bar the following:

the candidates name personal involvement in criminal activity

Now, repeat the above search for each candidate and see what you get.

That's it. There's nothing more to do. Just remember to look for those search results that offer facts, not only opinions, and are backed up with evidence. Don't let preconceived notions cloud your judgement; just go with the facts.

The results of doing this simple task will offer some revealing information.