The 3rd and Final Presidential Debate - 2016

General Assessment:

I watched the debate on FOX. Not just for the debate, it was the same on all channels. I watched on FOX just to see the post-debate commentary. It was as I expected - biased, not FOR Rrump as many would guess, but against him.

Before proceeding, if you missed the debate you can watch it in full by Clicking Here.

The 2 points the commentators harped on over and over were:

1. Trump's statement, "Such a nasty woman.", referencing Hillary Clinton.


2. Trump's hesitancy to say he would support the winner of the election - no matter the result.

Oh, they discussed more than just those two points, of course; but, they kept coming back to these two.

On the "nasty woman" comment, the commentators seemed to focus on this as proof of Trump's supposed mistreatement of women. What crap! They never offered that his opinion of Clinton, and of her alone, was the point of his remark.

On the subject of his hesitancy to unilaterally support the election winner. I don't blame him. He never said he wouldn't, he said he'd have to wait and see.

With all the news these days about election fraud and Democratic operatives stirring up violence at Trump's rallies, can anyone blame him for being just a little suspicious of election results? See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. And, see This, and This and This for just a few examples.

It could be that Trump was operating from the Democrats' play book on this one: Click Here and Click Here.

Curiously, the commentators never once pointed out that Clinton NEVER answered that same question. She spent the entire time in her non-answer denigrating Trump. The applicable portion starts at about 1 hour, 4 minutes into the debate video. To my knowledge no media source has pointed this out.

FOX, "fair and balanced"? Perhaps once, but not for a long, long time now.

On to the debate itself:

Truly, I had difficulty keeping up with all the misdirects, lies, and misinformation that Hillary Clinton offered. But, here are the ones I captured:

1. This one's a little convoluted, but stick with me. There was a question relating to Roe vs. Wade and late term abortion. Hillary offered that "And, I can tell you that government has no business in the decisions that women make.". Of course she meant the federal government - and, I agree with her. However, wasn't the federal government responsible for the passing of Roe vs. Wade? Of course, it was. And, doesn't Roe vs. Wade deal with decisions women make? Of course it does. Therefore, it would seem that she is presenting the argument that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. Now, of course, I don't think she wasn't doing that - BUT, that's what she said. Was this another example of confusion on her part? Or, was this another example of her feeling that laws apply only in the situations where she feels they should?

And, in reference to late-term abortions many media sources say this procedure is rare. However, the CBO estimates that one happends at the rate of 1.14 per hour.

2. She denigrated Trump for the assertions (unproven, by the way) of women who have come forward accusing Trump of being "inappropriate". Just days before the debate such allegations were shown to be "bogus". Yet, she badgered Trump anyway. Maybe she assumes nobody reads the news. As an aside, I have difficulty with the motives of such women who have remained silent for decades and decide to "come forward" less than a month before an election.

3. She claimed that the Clinton Foundation gives 90% of its money to charitable causes. However, tax records for the Clinton Foundation indicate that the percentage is actually 6%.

4. And, speaking of the Clinton Foundation, a question was asked as to the allegations of "Pay-For-Play" corruption by and within the foundation and the State Department. She dodged the question by spending her entire alloted time for the answer by stating how great the foundation was. There is no doubt that the Clinton Foundation clearly has corruption issues.

5. She indicated that her financial plan would not add a "penny" to the national debt. Other sources indicate that $$ Trillions $$ would be added per her plans.

6. In attempting to justify/defend Planned Parenthood, Clinton offered that the company offers cancer screenings. In fact, they do not. They merely refer "customers" to organizations that do perform those tests.

7. Hillary stated that she supports the 2nd Amendment. However, as I remembered it she was against the Supreme Court's decision on the Discrict of Columbia vs.Heller case. In the debate she said her opposition was due to a desire to protect "toddlers". So, I looked it up. The "Heller" case had nothing to do with "toddlers". She also wants strict controls on weapons ownership. In fact, back in 1993 Hillary was in favor of a "gun tax" of 25%. Her statements during the debate are disingenuous to her actual feelings.

8. What was the problem that caused Hillary's audio anomaly?

9. Hillary Clinton mentioned that 17 intellegence agencies had indicated the Russians were behind the latest email hack. Well, check this out. And, if you are interested, Here are the 17 intelligence agencies.

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