Italy Kowtows To Iran's Leader

Recently the leader of Iran visited Italy, Rome to be specific, to finalize finacial deals as the restrictions against Iran have been lifted per the cowardly "Iran Deal".

Roman authorities, in deference to the feelings and sensibilities of Iran's leader, President Hassan Rouhani, decided to cover all the classical, nude works of art throughout the city. This action was "to make visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani feel more comfortable".

Iran, besides being a major sponsor of terrorism across the globe, is Muslim Shia through and through. That means, pure and simple, that they live by Sharia Law. Religious tolerance? NONE! Women's Rights? NONE! Living in the 7th century? ABSOLUTELY! Civilized by any reasonable criteria? NOT A CHANCE!

Rather than cover the wonderful works of art in Rome due to this sub-human piece of garbage's feelings and sensibilities, they should have clothed all the goats throughout Italy in burkas. Why? To save the goats from sexual molestation.

Not that I have any strong opinions on the subject!