The Progressive Elite - A Synonym for Hypocrite

The political progressive-elites are always selling to their "sheep" compassion.

"It's the compassionate thing to do to allow illegal immigrants into our country."

"It's the compassionate thing to do to bring Islamic refugees here."

Those sorts of things.

But ask yourself, how many of these illegals/refugees do these progressive-elites desire to have relocated into THEIR neighborhoods?

The answer = NONE!

And, our current, progressive-led government is ensuring that none do relocate near these "elites". See This Story

So, why would our progressive-led government relocate these people to areas where unemployment and welfare recipients are the highest?

It's rather simple, actually.

People on welfare and/or unemployment are dependent upon the government for their very financial survival. When (and if it can) this same government grants all illegals and refugees US citizenship, these new citizens will, by need and definition, cast their votes to those who give them "stuff for free" - or, to this same progressive-led government.

Further, the locations into which these people are being relocated offer little chance of advancement - even if these people have needed skills and the desire to advance. So, these people are trapped by design into a continued state of dependence.

Or, as the old saying goes, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".