On Disrespecting America

A lot of news these days is focused on a new attack from within on America. It takes the form of people not standing and/or not paying proper respect during the playing of the National Anthem and the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

This disrespect is not just limited to sports figures and teams, both professional and school levels. It now is moving to State governments.

See the story pictured below from Jon Street:

End of Mr. Street's Story

As we are all aware, the First Amendment of our Constitution ensures the God Given Right of free speech - without reprisal - to all American citizens. As such, we all have every right to complain about and demonstrate against that which we feel is wrong.

Should someone, or a group, feel the government's actions, the actions of political leaders, the existing or impending laws of our land, and the like are troubling in any way, that someone or group could and should offer up their positions and grievances, if any. Again, it would be their right.

We should remember that the people who run the government are like ghostly wisps which will soon pass into the annals of history - to be soon forgotten or long remembered for the good they did or for the ill. This greatest Nation that has ever existed, The United States of America, remains and will remain.

Never mind that the woman's points on "current injustices" in the above news story stem from either wanton ignorance of the facts, or the lack of will or ability to research things for facts, she has every right to feel the way she does.

However, to show such open disparagement of the very Nation that allows her (and others like her) the freedom to display, openly, disagreement is disgraceful, reprehensible, and, quite frankly, un-American. Finding fault with actions, people's positions, or laws is one thing. Finding fault with the Nation that guarantees the right to express grievance over a fault is quite another.

Maybe these people could seek a nation such as, with the exception of Israel, any in the Middle East. They could find out what freedoms exist there to protest against one of those countries.

People who disparage our Nation should find a country more to their liking - NOW! We don't want them here - NOW or EVER!

Who is this "we" I mention? The millions and millions of Americans who truly love our Nation - not those who just say they love America and then prove by their actions that they do not.