Even The President Needs A Vacation Every Now And Then

Back in 2008 when B. Obama was considering a run for the presidency, he offered an opinion or two on how important such a job was. Hold on to this thought for a bit.

Upon his election he made the famous "..going to fundamentally transform America.." speech. Hey! Those of us who lean toward the conservative side of politics knew exactly what he meant. We got clues from his "..redistribution of wealth..." messages.

It was very clear to us his intent. How? 'Cause we're smarter than others, that's how - or so we'd like to think. We naturally assumed that he was going to employ the Robin Hood Syndrome - you know, the ole "take from the rich and give to the poor." This would allow for his desired "redistribution of wealth", etc. This, of course, is the standard principle all socialists follow. So, this didn't shock us at all.

This is a case of the old standard, "Never Assume Anything!". What we were too clueless to understand was that what he actually meant by redistributing wealth was this:

Redistribute taxpayer dollars to his own vacation fund.

As of January 2016, during the 7 years he's been president, he and his family have spent over $100 million dollars on vacations - That's a "1" followed by 8 zeros. And, just to put this is perspective with your vacations and mine, cost wise, that's $14.3 million PER YEAR.

Now, what could $100 million dollars do for the truly poor and the truly needy over a 7 years time span?

1. Provide shelter for 783 homeless persons at a $50/night motel each and every night for 7 years.

2. Provide just under 4,000 hungry folks each a $10 meal each and every day for 7 years.

3. Provide just under 200 medical checkups for those truly in need of medical care - at $200 per exam - each and every day for 7 years.

Got the picture?

Now, if we compare what he has actually done, i.e., take $100 million worth of vacations, compared to how important he viewed the job of the presidency back in 2008, we should all see that a travesty of deceit and lack of positive character has befallen us. If the truth be told, none of us are surprised in the least.

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