Misinformation On The "Assault Weapon" Controversy

Recently the below picture was posted on Facebook.

With it was this annotation: "I know assault rifles. I carried one in Iraq. They have no place on America's streets."

It was posted by Congressman Seth Moulton of MA.

This is but one more example of misinformation being spread by those who wish enhanced gun control in America.

Where's the misinformation?

The weapon pictured is a Colt M4 Carbine. I have one; but, mine is nothing like the one pictured. The weapon pictured is the military version and has a "full auto" switch. Mine is only what is called "semi-auto" - one trigger pull equals one bullet fired. Actually, a semi-auto works the same as a revolver - one trigger pull equals one bullet fired. It's just that, in general, a semi-auto can fire more rounds without reloading than a revolver.

An AR-15 in "semi-auto" was what was used in Orlando and every other mass shooting. Not one has had a "full auto" as the weapon. Forget that most often politicans or "pundits", when relating the news of mass shootings utter something along the lines of "he used an automatic weapon". These words have been chosen carefully as to mislead.

With the weapon pictured, once the trigger is pulled and held all the bullets in the magazine are fired. As many as 30 bullets come flying out of the barrel in less than a second or two. And, THIS version, I would agree, has no place on "America's streets".

The misinformation relates to the "message" that any weapon designated as an assault rifle is capable of automatic firing. "Full auto" capable weapons are - and have been - illegal in all 50 states since 1934. Read the Congressman's annotation once again. He subtly associates the weapon he had in Iraq with what is available on the "street" - a FALSE association and, therefore, a misleading message to his voters.

We hear much in the news about banning assault rifles. These news stories most usually pop up directly after a mass shooting. If we keep assault rifles off the streets, they argue, fewer people would be killed when some "crazy" decides to kill a bunch of people. An understandable sentiment - from those who know little or nothing about guns.

But, as with everything, a little education can go a long way.

New or tougher laws will not solve any problems. Bad people and/or crazy people will get guns whether it's legal to do so or not.

As far high capacity magazines (available in 10, 20, 30 and even 50 rounds) go, just banning so called assault rifles will not do the trick. Because the so-called assault rifle argument is just a placebo, easily "sold" to the public as "evil".

Below is a picture of a typical handgun in semi-auto - a Glock. Notice anything strange?

It has an extended 33 round magazine - 3 more than one of the larger magazines for your standard "assault rifle". These "extended" magazines are READILY available on the internet.

Such a handgun as shown above is actually more dangerous than the "evil" assault rifle. It is more easily carried and concealed. It is more "manageable" in tight spaces like the crowed club in Orlando. The magazines are more quickly changed, etc. Now, NO POLITICIAN is advocating a ban on handguns. Think about that!

So, let's ban all guns people argue. Not practical and won't happen. There are more than 300,000,000 guns in America as I write this. Aside from the 2nd Amendment argument, how would these be confiscated? By whom?

And, don't forget, even if all law abiding citizens turned in their guns (which they won't), the bad and/or crazy people will still get them. How would they get them? The same way people get illegal drugs.

Any politician who promotes tougher gun control laws and uses the assault weapons argument is simply playing to his/her voter base. Such a politician knows that a ban on all guns would never pass with either House. And, as described above, banning assault rifles would do absolutely nothing to stop mass shootings. Crazy people are just that - CRAZY! You can't make CRAZY illegal.

We also hear politicians talk about "closing the gun show loophole". There is no such loophole. If one wishes to purchase a gun - any gun - at a gun show, they must be processed (i.e. have a background check) through the same checks and balances as with a non-gun show sale.

Additionally, we hear about persons being able to purchase guns over the internet without the proper background checks. FALSE! Any weapon purchased over the internet, by law, must be transferred to a local, registered gun dealer who will do the proper background checks before the buyer may pick up the weapon.

All the political talk about gun control is just smoke to gain votes from those who have like views on guns. Nothing will ever be done of significance in this area.


Somebody, somehow needs to figure out the root cause of such. And, the answer will not be the type of gun someone has - or even guns. And, consider, by Florida law any place that serves alcohol is a "Gun Free Zone". Stupid rule! Had someone else there had a weapon, many lives could have and would have been saved.