John Kerry's Latest Speech

On December 27, 2016 John Kerry gave a speech on the UN resolution against Israel. His speech was met with much criticism by Democrats and Republicans alike. Kerry's speech was quickly followed by a counter from Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Before continuing, here are links to the video of Kerry's speech, the text of his speech, and Netanyahu's response.

I could regale you with countless examples of Kerry's (and Obama's) anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism over the years. But, I won't. It would take too much time and doing so would not be truly germane to this discussion.

Instead, Prime Minister Netanyahu did a pretty good job of countering Kerry's many misrepresentations - and, I'm being kind here. Netanyahu's speech is linked above.

As with the above, I have neither the time nor the inclination to refute every mislead/falsehood Kerry offered in his speech. I will, however, offer just a very small sample of Kerry's misrepresentations just to focus on the hypocrisy of his speech. NOTE: If you would like to peruse someone else's opinion on the lies Kerry told during his speech, Click Here

I guess the most widely publicized of Kerry's offerings was this statement:

"But here is a fundamental reality: if the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic it cannot be both.."

I have chosen to define 3 type of lies: commission, omission, and obfuscation. Kerry should have received a round of applause on his statement above. Why? Because he was able, in one sentence, to commit all three types of lies.

On "Commission":

His statement is obviously false by the application of mere logic. Here's an analogy to prove my point:

Great Britain is clearly "one State". And, no one would argue that it is not a democracy - not the type we have here, but a democracy nonetheless. Now, the titular head of the Anglican Church is the King/Queen of England. One can easily make the leap to "Great Britain is an Anglican Nation" - even though its citizenry is comprised of more than just Anglicans. As a King or Queen can be viewed as leading a nation, the current monarch of England can likewise be viewed as the head of the country.

Now, take the following statement:

"As one State, Great Britain can either be Anglican or democratic - not both." This is clearly a false statement.

Kerry's above statement is, as well, just plain false.

As a bit of humor Anne Coulter posted on Facebook the following where she purposely, again for humor, equated the word "democratic" with the Democrat Party. I found it awfully funny.

On "Omission":

What Kerry failed to mention or take note of is that 1/5 of Israel's citizenry is Arab Muslim, and mainly Palestinian. These non-Jews fully participate on equal standing as any Jew in Israel. Therefore, not only CAN a single state be both Jewish and democratic, one already is. ISRAEL, the only democracy throughout the Middle East.

On "Obfuscation":

Kerry's above statement would leave the non-researching individual with the impression that Israel is demanding a "One State Solution" between Israel and the Palestinians. This is patently a false impression to spread. More on this will be offered in the next section of this article

In fact, it is the Palestinians who demand a "one state" solution. They will settle for nothing less than the removal of Israel from the map.

This image is the Palestinian view of the area now known as Israel:

Oh, wait! Where is Israel? See what I mean! It is the Palestinians who demand a "one State" solution.

On Kerry's accusations that Israel will not give over land to allow the Palestinians a "homeland":

Just after World War I, the "land of Arabia" was divided into different countries. The Balfour Declaration defines this division. Here is a depiction of the land allocated to Israel:

Now, compare this to the current map of Israel:

Notice any difference between the 2 above maps? Here's the difference:

What happened to all the other land Israel was given?

Over time Israel ceded it in the hopes of having a homeland recognized by all Arab States - including the Palestinians. No matter what the Israelis have agreed to, the Palestinians (and other Arab States as well) always are not satisfied.

As a fairly complete overview of the Israel-Palestinian issue, I have vetted the video linked here for its accuracy - It passed with "flying colors". I would strongly recommend its viewing for a much better understanding and history of this entire issue.

Kerry (and others) continually describe the areas in question as "Occupied Territories". They should be described as "Disputed Territories". There is a difference - a significant difference. You may research the official meanings and implications of both terms by Clicking Here for "Occupied Territories" and Clicking Here for "Disputed Territories".

The Obama administration has, from its beginning, worked against Israel and the Jewish people - not the least of which was the "Iran Deal", a direct threat to Israel, stability in the Middle East and to the world.

Let this admisistration's hatred of Israel and actions against it stop NOW! Israel is our only ally in the Middle East.