The Gutlessness of the Europeans

In a recent article it appears that, in Germany, a decision has been made to gender-segregate rail cars (i.e., passenger trains).

The supposed reason is that it will increase the safety of women from attacks and rapes by Islamic migrants being let into the country.

Of course, this is exactly what these savages want. In the Islamic world women are treated as second class humans - unclean and nothing more than property.

It is incredulous that the European governments don't realize that they are capitulating to the desires of these Islamic savages. The European total devotion to multiculturalism and political correctness will soon result in the absolute devolution of all semblance of democracy and freedom.

If the US government continues on its current path, soon we will be like Europe.

The only thing such Islamics understand and respond to is violence. Rather than capitulate, a better option is to remove every one of these savages from the planet - totally and permanently.