An Association of Ideas

For those unfamiliar with Bill Whittle, he offers excellent political analyses on a variety of subjects. Donald Trump, of course, is running for President of the USA.

In watching Trump's press conference of June 22, 2016 I noticed what could be an association with an excerpt of Bill Whittle's offering on Western Civilization.

In Whittle's offering he discusses the ultimate fall of advanced civilizations in terms of R vs. K Selection theory. This theory, in short, identifies that civilizations which reach a peak assume that all is well everywhere and cease the effort to succeed further.

In Trump's speech he states that America needs to bring manufacturing back to the US. That is, perhaps we reached a peak and didn't feel the need to continue our upward drive - OR, America has headed in the "R" direction; definitely NOT the correct direction for any human society.

Click Here to see a short video clip showing both Whittle's and Trump's relevant discussions.