A Look At Our Failing Education System

An article showed up in the news relating that a "professor" in NY argues that Algebra is too hard a discipline and should be dropped from the teaching curriculum.

Is it no wonder that today's schools are failing (pardon the play on words here) our children!

Now, it could easily be argued that the "WAY" Algebra is being taught MAKES it seem to be too difficult. That I could maybe understand.

This "professor" (of political science, by the way- as if things political represent science) offers that in the "real world" our jobs almost never require the use of Algebra.

But, all of us use Algebra every single day - whether we realize it or not.


Say you are going to bake something and the recipe calls for 3 eggs and you only have 2. How many eggs do you need to buy? To all of us this problem is the simplest of the simplest - the answer is 1, of course. We just did an Algebra problem in our heads - we understood the problem, we envisioned the formula to solve it, and we solved it ALL IN OUR HEADS without realizing it was Algebra; BUT, it's Algebra none the less:

The Egg Problem in Algebra terms : 2 + x = 3

In the work place:

You are an office manager. From experience you know that, on average, 5 reams of copy paper are used every month. Today is the 10th of the month and there are only 2 reams left. Do you need to buy more paper before the end of the month?

The answer is simple. You solved it in your head. And, without knowing it, you solved an Algebra problem, again, without realizing you were using Algebra.

Some people may argue that both of the above examples are not Algebra, they are just simple logic problems.

Well, DUH! Algebra is nothing more than a method of logically solving problems. Is Algebra necessary to us in our daily lives? Of course - even if we don't realize that we're using it, per se, as a math discipline.

In the article, a detractor to this "professor's" view is a teacher of "Common Core" methods. With Common Core as a teaching method, it's no wonder kids are dropping out of school. Common Core's method of teaching basic math is so convoluted and illogical as to drive parents nuts just with multiplication. Common Core's treatment of History seeks to "rewrite" historical facts; it's English, Reading, & grammar sections infuse political propaganda; and, as noted, it's treatment of math is as if were presented in a foreign language.

Wake up America! Our future is at stake here! Put the BASICS back in our schools.