What Are We Teaching Our Children?

An article showed up in the news about a group of kids in Washington State filing a civil suit against their State for damages caused (and to-be-caused) by insufficient actions to thwart Climate Change.

What the heck are we teaching our kids these days?

Yes, human-caused Climate Change is a theory - an UNPROVEN theory, I might add. Were it a fact, it would no longer be called a theory. For a common sense look at human-caused Global Warming/Climate Change, Click Here.

In order for such a civil suit to be viable one must demonstrate actual harm. One can offer no evidence or proof that any harm has befallen these children (or anyone else for that matter) due to the supposed Climate Change. No lawyer with any sense of ethics would take such a case. Unless, they wished to have their names appear in the news to further their career(s).

Now, it it a good thing to keep the environment as pristine as is reasonaby possible? Of course. But, will a less than pristine envirnonment lead to Global Warming / Climate Change? Not a chance; and, I defy anyone to offer proof otherwise.

No, it appears that what we are teaching our kids these days is that:

1) What others tell them, even without facts, must be true. Or, just believe, no research is necessary.


2) Litigation is the best way to bring to light what you believe but can't prove. Or, use the government to force others to kneel to your unproven ideas.

Just before closing: For a group of adults who can't convince sufficient numbers to accept their unprovable theories, employing children to further their goals is despicable.

A very enlightening article gives an overview of how this Nation is letting down our children. Very much worth the read.

Today's progressive media & politicians, what have you wrought?