Truth Is Scarier Than Conspiracies

Those of us who pay pretty close attention to things political have long believed Obama with his statements on "fundamentally transforming" our Nation into something wholly un-American.

Those who dispute this often quip that such thoughts are just the result of a "great, right-wing conspiracy".

OH, really?

This president's policies have more and more tended toward moving the US to more of a socialist country.

But, it never became so clear as his today's speech in Argentina (linked to below). In his speech he offered that Capitalism had some good points and some bad; that Socialism and/or Communism also had some good points and some bad. And, that the youth of today should choose what is best for "them".

Well, that gets right down to who is "them".

In a Capitalistic system the "them" is the individual. Most who have succeeded have done so with hard work, luck, and a desire to "get ahead". They have succeeded not with the help or interference of the government or the "elites", but in spite of such help/interference. Look at examples such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Yes, they are, indeed, the exception - but, they did it anyway.

In a Socialistic or Communistic form of government the "them" are only a select few "elites". If one is not a member of this select group, one will never get into the "elite club". Your membership is not welcomed nor condoned. These "elites", in order to survive, need to maintain strict control over its citizens, diminishing their freedoms, and ensuring them to "serfdom".

Obama has inferred that he desires the US to be more like Europe - a socialistic democracy. With the near financial collapse across Europe and their allowing in millions of Islamic migrants, how is Europe doing these days?

The president's comments are not only anti-American, they are irresponsibly and egregiously wrong. There has never been a socialistic/communistic system which has prevailed - all have eventually failed.

Such ignornace leading the greatest Nation the world has known should be considered criminal.

Click here to Watch Obama's Speech