The 2017 Inauguration - The Trump Entertainment Boycott

Donald Trump will be our next president. This fact is like Starbucks coffee - many hate it, many love it. But, unlike Starbucks coffee, if one doesn't like it, Trump will still be President.

Most notable in the news is that the entertainment industry, known far and wide to lean to the progressive side of politics, seems to hate Trump. So much so that it is threatening any entertainer who may be invited to perform at Trump's inauguration. The threats are along the lines of "perform there and you'll never work in this town again" sort of thing.

Is there no respect for the Office of the Presidency left? No one's career potential should rest upon an ultimatum formed with hate at its heart. Many found Obama not to be the candidate of their choice. However, nothing like these ultimatums was seen for his inauguration.

A question I have is why do the invited performers actually care about such ultimatums? For example, Andrea Bocelli was invited, then threatened, and ultimately withdrew. He is one of the premier entertainers of his genre. For that matter so is Garth Brooks - same scenario.

Update: Bocelli did not withdraw from performing due to boycott threats. He withdrew due to death threats. Progressives at work yet again.

Let's say Bocelli or Brooks, as examples, performed and was "blackballed" for their efforts. On social media could posted that a performance by the performer was to be held at the local WalMart parking lot at $50 a ticket. My guess is that within a couple of hours there would be no room left for cars.

I was largely successful in management of both large and small endeavors. It was not infrequent that someone, somewhere would issue me an ultimatum - usually along the lines of: "If you don't do what I demand, I will leave the project." Without fail I always took them seriously - along the lines of: (Click Here). They always were sent "packing" within an hour.

A little harsh, you say? Not at all. You can't run a business based on a never-ending series of ultimatums. Disagreements are one thing; ultimatums are a "horse of a different color".

When an entertainer is starting out in the business they are pretty much at the mercy of the entertainment "moguls" - you don't play along, you don't get "gigs". But, when one is at the top of the "food chain", as are Bocelli & Brooks, the "moguls" need you more than you need them. So, I don't understand these performers being frightened of future "gigs". Have all semblances of courage "left the building"?

And, more importantly, it's disrespectful to the Office of the President - no matter who sits there.


One enteratiner who has the courage to pay respect to the Office of the Presidency is 16 year old Jackie Evancho. Here are videos of Jackie performing at the ages of 10 (2010), 13 (2013), and 16 (2016). The clips are: Jackie, aged 10, performing "Time To Say Goodbye"; aged 13 performing our National Anthem; and, at age 16 performing "God Bless America" at this past 4th of July celebration. Awesome talent - Click Here.