A Pledge of Allegiance "Opt-Out" Form For Our Children


The school system in Leon County Schools in Tallahassee, Florida has put of its "student code of conduct booklet".

Part of it is a form for parents to sign:

While it is perfectly permissible for one not to want to pledge allegiance to our flag and/or to our country, should one feel this way and you permanently reside here, please leave our country at your earliest convenience. You are not desired here. Go live in a country to which you feel an allegiance.

And, to the Leon County school system, all like it, and the State of Florida which requires the "opt-out" form (see paragraph 1), you are a disgrace to our great Nation and deserve all supporting funds withheld. The children you "teach" can be best served elsewhere. The parent's return note is more than just appropriate.

NOTE: Update - the school system, due to severe public pressure, has elected to discontinue the "form". Instead, it will include in the "booklet" the state statute allowing for an "opt-out". The State of Florida's State Board of Education, obviously not well named, should have its funding withheld as well. Let's not forget to thank and remember Rick Scott for signing this into state law. Oh, and let's not to forget to thank a Muslim parent for bringing the issue to the forefront. One last thanks. This one to the Supreme Court for issuing the opinion that started all of this nonsense.