Obama Still Trying To Sell The "Islam Is A Religion Of Peace" Thing

Sine Obama first took office in 2009 he has been relentless in trying to sell the American people the line that "Islam is a Religion of Peace". And, he's still at it. On June 20, 2106 Obama offered us, once again, positive words on Islam.

This time it's “The Koran teaches us that God’s children tread gently on the earth … We affirm that whatever our faith, we are one family.”

Whereas there are verses in the Qur'an that hint - and ONLY hint - at his statement, the majority of other Qur'an offerings seem to indicate that the "one family" thing is true ONLY if ALL are Muslim - and the right kind of Muslim.

One wonders: To whom is he pandering this time? Hopefully not to anyone who can read!