Is There Still Bias In Today's News Reporting?

You're Kidding, Right?!

Today is Sunday July 3, 2016.

So, I was perusing the news media's online sites. The 2 top stories seem to be yet another ISIS bombing, this time in Baghdad, and Hillary Clinton's 3 1/2 hours testimony to the FBI on her email scandal.

As usual, I look at both conservative and liberal/progressive news sources. Why? 'Cause you can't trust any news source these days. Check every story against multiple sources, I say.

Anyway, I peered at 8 different news web sites: FOX, DRUDGE, NBC, MSNBC, AP, CBS, ABC, and CNN all within a few minutes - just looking for the major headlines, I was.

Below I have captured the headlines from each.

All of the news sites covered the Baghdad bombing - some in the major headline and others had the story on the first page in plain view.

But, who covered the story of Hillary Clinton's testimony to the FBI? Only 2: FOX and DRUDGE. The rest did not mention this story in any way, shape or form anywhere on their sites; not in smaller sized stories, not even in the fine print - NADA!

Even on the liberal/progressive side of the news world one would expect to see coverage in some way of the fact that their candidate of choice for the presidency was being questioned by the FBI relative to a possible criminal indictment. BUT, NO!

I just find it curious.

The picture: