On The Leadership Of The Current US President

First, let me define what I call a "leader":

A leader offers the truth. A leader makes it certain to all that the leader "has their backs" - even if one disagrees with the leader's intended actions/decisions. A leader communicates effectively such that one need not question the leader's motives and objectives - they are clear. A leader sets forth a vision and goals that are achievable, cost effective, and legal. A leader gives credit and takes blame. A leader is surrounded with those of significant credentials who do not necessarily - nor have to - believe the leader's methods are the best.

As one may discern, the above centers on trust. Any supposed leader who fails to engender trust is but a manager, usually appointed/chosen without prior experience, who is ultimately doomed to a reputation for failure - maybe not at first, but ultimately.

How does Obama fit the above definition?

Obama fails in all the above definitions of a leader. We, the American people, want - no need - to believe our president "has our back". But, Obama's continued actions cause us to wonder.

When someone seems to need to lie, even about the cause of his own conception - as the event he spoke of, the civil rights marches in Selma, AL, happened in 1965 when he was born in 1961, one wonders.

When someone promises the American people The Most Transparent Administration In History, and then appoints an Attorney General who tells the American people that the administration will purposely withhold the truth, one wonders.

And then, when this same Attorney General offers the American people something this ignorant (i.e., "..our most effective response to terror is compassion, itís unity and itís love.) - with no reclama from the person who appointed her, one wonders.

When someone commands an "op" to move weapons to Syrian rebels (who hate us) through one of our embassies and the "op" goes "South" with Americans killed, and then lies about the cause - i.e., "it was due to a video", one wonders. And, for some added info on Obama's "claims' re: Benghazi, Click Here.

When someone is sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution and then selectively enforces it based on race, one wonders.

When someone indicates that bypassing Congress will be his modus operandi, one wonders.

When someone misrepresents criminal activity by illegal aliens by 1,000%, one wonders.

When someone professes to love our Nation but, instead, makes several "apology tours" decrying the USA for past and present supposed transgressions, one wonders.

When someone gathers in his inner circle those members of an organization whose existence is centered on our destruction, one wonders.

When someone tells the people of a foreign nation that he would punish them should they not vote the way he wanted, one wonders.

When someone refuses to destroy a critical and strategic resource of the Islamic State, a sworn enemy of the United States, due to a fear that such action may harm the enemy's local environment, one wonders.

When someone issues an executive order removing the obligation of 18.7 million immigrants to take a pledge of allegiance to America when becoming citizens, one wonders.

When someone continually refers to Islam as a "Religion of Peace" when there is world-wide evidence to the contrary, one wonders.

Further, for those who may not fully understand Islam, religion is but a small subset of Islam. Islam is a geo-political system bent on world domination where religion and political regimes are fully integrated. Look not to Islam for a "separation of Church and State".

When someone misleads the American people asserting the enemy is weakened and, then, his head of intelligence contradicts his assessment with actual facts, one wonders.

When someone targets people who represent religious affiliations other than to Islam, one wonders.

When someone appoints as head of Homeland Security a person who agrees that "the threat from right wing extremists domestically is just as real as the threat from Islamic extremism.", one wonders.

When someone allows those in his own administration to smuggle high powered weapons to Mexican drug cartel members in the hopes that those same weapons will come back across our border merely to create the American people's desire for greater gun control laws - AND, those same weapons are used to kill Americans, one wonders.

When someone professes to be a world leader and then bows to an Islamic leader - among others, one wonders.

When someone treats the only ally the USA has in the Middle East with contempt, one wonders.

When someone is faced with overt acts of terrorism and calls the acts workplace violence, one wonders.

When someone advocates and facilitates millions of illegal immigrants' entry into our country where the only benefits to our Nation are negative ones - financially and otherwise; and the only positive that may be discerned is to increase the voting block of his own political party, the Democrats, one wonders.

When someone encourages and facilitates the entry into our Nation of thousands of supposed "refugees" from the Middle East - a land beset with those who wish our demise - none of whom have been vetted as to merit or loyalty to our Nation, one wonders.

Since the subject of supposed refugees was raised, when someone fosters and allows these people to enter our country without verification as to their intentions when there is ample evidence that terrorist connections exist, one wonders.

Further on these supposed "refugees", when someone fosters and allows these people to enter our country without verification as to their health histories resulting in many cases of tuberculosis causing health hazards to our citizens, one wonders.

When someone engenders mistrust to the degree that military personnel, over whom he is the Commander in Chief, openly offer criticism of his actions - and perhaps even his intentions, one wonders.

By now I hope you have seen a trend here. Now, any single item mentioned above "could" be excused as a one-off kind of thing. But with a preponderance of such items, well, . . .

When one wonders too much, not only is trust eroded, most likely it never formed to begin with. No Trust = Leadership Failure.