Jews - The True Minority

In this country views on minorities range from they are "put upon by the majority and are deserving of the majority's help and support" to "you and I are expected to pay for whatever these minority peoples want just because they are a minority" - And, of course, everything in-between.

The above views are fueled by the media in general. The above, obviously, are stereotypes - and all stereotypes contain some truth and some fiction. How much one believes of any stereotype comes from personal experience, how much one is willing to do research to find facts independent of media offerings, and usually is like the fear of spiders - the fear of the unknown. More often than not, one's view of a given "minority" is reinforced by the degree of contact one has with that minority on a day-to-day basis; the higher the contact the more realism, the lesser the contact the more subjective and ignorant the view.

Well, let's look at a TRUE minority - The Jews.

OK. But what is a minority really? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines minority as: "A number or amount that is less than half of a total." Seems a very reasonable definition.

Before beginning this, a few other definitions:

A person may be characterized as a Jew in 2 basic ways:

1) Religious: A person who follows the Hebrew/Jewish Religion.

2) Genetic: A person whose lineage is from Jewish parents. The "official" way this may happen is if the Mother is Jewish - the Father's lineage is not considered.

But, for the purposes here, let's consider a person to be Jewish if both or only one of the parents, independent of gender, is Jewish.

So, let's look at some facts:

In the entire world there are estimated to be only 14.2 million Jews. Now, if I include those who identify themselves as Jews but who are not "genetically" so, that number swells to approximately 17 million. Again this number is for the entire planet. I will use the 17 million number from here on.

What does that mean - really?

Take a look at Tokyo, Japan, shown in the below picture encircled in red.

The population of Tokyo is 33+ million people. If one removed the current population there and replaced it with the total number of Jews in the world, Tokyo's current population would be decreased virtually in half.

Of the 17 million Jews world-wide, 10 million live in the USA and 6 million live in Israel, whose total population is 8 million people. Therefore, in our country 3% of our population is Jewish.

Let's look at the major demographics of the US:

Whites (excluding Jews for this calculation only) - 59.6%

Blacks------------------------------------------------------- 13.2%

Hispanics------------------------------------------------- - 17.1%

Jews--------------------------------------------------------- - 3.0%

Total------------------------------------------------------- - 92.9% (the other 7.1% made up of others)

In this country, via the media, one sees repeated protests, etc., being fostered by some people in our minority groups demanding "equal treatment" and "free stuff".

When was the last time one saw a group of Jews in our country band together and demand "free stuff"? I'm guessing never would be the answer.

Back to the world stage for a minute.

Before the Nazi Holocaust there were (coincidentally) a total of 17 million Jews in the world. The Holocaust killed 6 million - or, 35% of the world's Jews.

Even today we see, across the globe, ill feeling toward Jews.

Currently, as 16 million of the 17 million Jews on the planet live in the US and Israel, that leaves roughly 1+ million to populate the rest of the globe.

With the global anti-Semitism going on these 1+ million people must be VERY powerful, indeed. However, I would have a strong guess that these 1+million Jews "ain't feeling the power" too very much.

Our own present government's administration is not free from this syndrome, either.

So, . . .

Consider all peoples when one views the state of minorities' treatment. No minority has the right to demand that they be considered above any other peoples. Just ask any Native American you happen to see. Equality is one thing, preferential treatment is quite another.