On The Establishment of "Hawaiian Justice"

It seems that some of our indigenous Hawaiian people desire to have their own set of laws, etc., outside the purview of the US Federal government. And, the Obama administration is trying to allow them to do just that.

Aside from the fact that so doing would violate several stipulations in the US Constitution (as the above-linked article identifies), my personal opinion is that there is something more sinister to the story.

Were this unlikely event to be allowed, a precedent would be established - usable at some later date. Remember, the progressive political element plays the long game. They are more than willing to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Their aim is at progression; and, it matters not who the president is at any given time.

The Obama administration has been one of the "2 steps forward" (maybe 3) variety; the next administration's endeavors will result in a "1 step back". The progressives, overall, will have gained ground, so to speak. It only the conservative element that seeks remedies now; and to its detriment, it plays only the "short game".

The Obama administration, and Obama himself, have an affinity to Islam and to the "plight" of Muslims. Recent polls show that clearly 60% of young Muslims in this country favor Sharia Law having precedence over our Constitution and our laws.

In the years to come, should Hawaiian Law (which doesn't even exist yet) become a legal alternative to US Law, how much of a leap is it to see the establishment of Sharia Law being afforded the same luxury?

This, my friends, is not a slippery slope, it is a slimy slope destined to support the progressives' dream of a "New World Order", as favored by the United Nations.