A Consideration For Our Currency

A rather minor news story exists about the decision to remove Andrew Jackson's picture from our $20 bill in favor of abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

As might be expected, there are some who favor the change, others who don't care one bit, and still others who oppose the change because, in their opinions, the change goes far to exemplify the current administration's black-centric approach to our country and its laws.

To be fair, reasonable positions can be taken for and against all those currently pictured on our paper money - Well, maybe not in the case of George Washingtion.

My wife and I were discussing the issue. She had a superior idea for a solution. At least I thought so.

When we visited China we noticed that their currency has pictured famous landmarks as well as people.

One can hardly argue with a picture of natural scenery which would offer all a view into the beauty of a country.

So, below are depictions of what our paper money could look like: