Bill Whittle On Just About Everything

For those familiar with Bill Whittle, the below may offer some of his offerings you may not have seen.

For those not familiar with this gentleman, Whittle has been accurately characterized as a political commentator. He offers facts and his opinions on the relevance and meaning of those facts.

There are those who agree with his opinions and conclusions and those who do not. And, fortunately in an, as yet, free society that is your right. However, failing to research the accuracy of the facts he presents will not make you "the sharpest knife in the drawer".

The facts Whittle presents are unassailable - like them or not.

Here are but a few of his best:

1. The Bill Whittle Live series (Each runs about 33 minutes):











2. General Political Commentary (Each runs about 7 minutes, + or -):

The Very Best Presentation On Political Correctness You Will Ever Encounter

On Political Correctness By Example

On Western Civilization

On Hillary Clinton

On Benghazi - H. Clinton, B. Obama, et. al.

How Our Military Is Evolving

On Donald Trump

On Gun Control

On Our Society

A Post-Election Commentary

Whittle Gets It Right AGAIN!

Whittle, As The 'Virtual President', On Gun Control

On The Dropping of the Atomic Bomb During WWII

On An Ideology

On Education - Common Core

An Anology - Reliance on Technology vs. the Euro

Stealing Power


Merchants of Despair

Miracle - Private Success