"Egregiousness" On Steroids

A recent article by Dailycaller.com is getting widespread viewing. It publicizes that a Durham, NC elementary school teacher took a group of first graders to a Black Lives Matter rally.

And, did so without the children's parents' permission.

In addition, this teacher apparently spent a goodly portion of the school year "studying" the Black Lives Matter movement - WITH 6 YEAR OLDS?

The teacher, Ms. Stef Bernal-Martinez, describes herself (per the article) as:

"... a “Radical Queer Progressive Educator” and “white-passing Xicana.”

Note: I, being somewhat ignorant of such terms, had to look up the meaning of the word 'Xicana'. It means female Mexican-American.

I attempted to verify the exact quote but was unable to do so. However, I did find an interview, of sorts, that pretty much verifies the context of the quote - if not the exact words.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, as you probably are aware, promotes, in part, the killing of police officers and a race war in America.

Whether one agrees with the BLM movement or not, allowing 6 year olds to attend such a rally puts these children at physical risk. The BLM stirs racial divide, creates an atmosphere of violence, and is funded by the politically progressive whose primes objectives coincide with George Soros' 'New World Order'.

Also from the DailyCaller article is this: The school’s K-4 Associate Director, Raenel Duncan-Edmonds, brags the school is training “activists.” Parents, particularly families with police officers, have objected to their children being recruited as Black Lives Matter marchers. Black Lives Matter participants have called for violence against police officers in the past - as noted above.

With such a derisive atmosphere as this group elicits, who knows what some crazy person might do to object to their country being divided. To place children in the midst of this is pure lunacy.

Aside from any potential physical harm to the children, this teacher is practicing indoctrination of our youth into a culture of racism and falsehoods. The BLM movement was founded on facts that did not occur and is but an arm of the progressive left.

An example of non-existant facts upon which the BLM movement tauts is the slogan they use in marches, "Hand Up, Don't Shoot". This is in reference to the Michael Brown shooting. Brown never uttered this. Brown was given the nickname by the media, "The Gentle Giant". To see this "gentle giant" in action, Click here. This is a guy the BLM group holds up as a put-upon black youth? And, we want our kids exposed to this type of person as someone to look up to?

The teacher has attempted to defend her actions. For an additional site on her defending her actions, Click Here.

The Durham School District has, in part, the following as relates to school field trips:

"Any school trip which may include student participation on rides at amusement parks, state or local fairs, or at any other place, must have a written disclaimer from the parent/guardian acknowledging his or her awareness of the nature of the trip, allowing the child to ride, and absolving Durham Public Schools of any responsibility.

To view the entire permission form, Click here. No such 'disclaimer' was sought or received from any parent.

Political Indoctrination of our children by anyone of any political leaning is a most egregious offense against the principles which made our Nation the greatest in the world.

To teach our children that hate is acceptable is, well, unacceptable. This teacher should be terminated post haste and, apparently, the entire school board should be replaced.