We Need These People WHY?

I saw two articles today that prompted this offering. One article reported that a Muslim woman was caned for the atrocity of being too close to a man not her husband - not touching, mind you, just being too close. Being "too close", of course, is against Sharia Law. That article was followed by the second article describing a "lifestyle-show" offering Muslim woman beauty tips on how to correctly apply makeup after having been beaten by her husband or some other such.

The very fact that such a "show" is necessary should cause us all pause.

The Obama administration seems intent on taking in "refugees" from the Middle East - the vast majority is Muslim. While there is absolutely NOTHING wrong about a person following the Muslim faith, there is DEFINITELY something wrong with Muslims who adhere to Sharia Law - if such persons want to live in the USA.

For a person to strictly follow Islam they MUST accept Sharia Law ahead of the laws and customs of the Nation into which they migrate. It is THEIR rule, not my opinion. See This, This, and This which provides a list of relevant verses from the Quran.

Our Nation was founded by immigrants (to the apparent dismay of the indigenous population, of course). These immigrants created a Nation, a melting pot, of peoples from across the globe. All of whom sought the freedoms to live amongst others of differing nationalities, religions, colors, etc., and follow their dreams for a better life. This better life was formed by our peoples' desire to have a common set of laws that guaranteed their new-found freedoms - thus, the US Constitution. Was all smooth sailing along the way? Certainly not! Our terrible history of slavery is a cornerstone of that. But, that has passed into history.

The current set of "refugees" from the Middle East seek not to live in harmony; but, rather, to force Sharia Law upon everyone. It is the ultimate goal of Islam - a geo-political system that just happens to have a religious component.

If one is not too familiar with Islam, this link may offer greater insight into Islam and as to why Islam, as practiced via Sharia Law, may not be a"best fit" for our nation.

It is truly unfortunate that one can't take the word of Muslims as to their intended allegiance to the US. This is because of 4 words within Islam which include and advocate both direct lying and lies of omission deemed necessary for the spread of Islam, as well as other charming tenets.

Do we truly want groups of people living among us who do not respect nor follow our laws, who do not respect nor adopt our culture, and the majority of whom do not want nor will even attempt to assimilate.

I would hope the answer from every single American is a resounding NO!