Who Cares About Israel?

On November 13, 2015 the entire globe was in shock by the horrific attack by radical Islamics on Paris, France.

Of course, such Islamic actions are nothing new. Astoundingly, during 2015 alone 69 separate attacks across the world have been carried out by Islamic terrorists. For a list of these, Click Here. Most of these go unreported by the media.

The United Nations has issued a single resolution against radical Islamic entities; Resolution #2170, in 2014.

Now, let's look at the Israel-Palestine situation.

This is a chart showing, over time, the number of unprovoked rocket attacks on Israel by the Palestinians (as of 2014):

Interestingly, here is the number of United Nations' resolutions regarding the Israel-Palestine situation:

Over 1,500 Israelis have lost their lives to Palestinian rocket attacks. To be fair here, many more Palestinians have been killed in the wake of Israel's defensive reactions to rocket attacks. However, the Palestinians initiated all attacks.

The entire world rises in its solidarity with Paris after the November 2015 attacks. And, as well it should. But where is the international outrage over the continued terrorism against Israel? NOWHERE! Is this justice or even the semblance of justice - or even basic fairness? I think not!

Including the Charlie Hebdo shooting and this latest attack in Paris, over 150 innocent people have been killed in just those 2 attacks. And, as stated above, 1,500 Israelis have lost their lives due to terrorist attacks. This does NOT mean we should care about France less; we should care about Israel more- and justice.

What is all the greater injustice to me, and should be an embarrassment to us all, is that the current US administration seems to be doing everything it can to marginalize Israel and, instead, lend moral support to the Islamics across the globe. See This, and This, and This, and, of course This.