The ILL Informed

On Facebook someone posted the below picture - it emanated from "Occupy Democrats".

I can only assume that "Occupy Democrats" developed from "Occupy Wall Street" - you know, where the demonstrators deficated and urinated on police cars and the like.

But, I digress - here's the picture:

To start, let's assume that everything mentioned on the top half of the picture is correct - repeat - as an assumption only.

When Bush II started the war in Irag Congress voted for the action. Later, the democrats/progressives - even the ones who voted for it - denounced the action as faulty. Why? Well, they said that Saddam Hussein (i.e., Iraq) had NO WMDs.

If the above picture is to be believed, then wasn't it the US who gave Hussein WMDs? So, if we gave Iraq WMDs and there were no WMDs (per the progressives), I am a bit confused. How can both be true?

Oh, that's right, both can NOT be true. Somebody needs to get their stories together.

As to the lower half of the picture, Obama took no one's WMDs away - from Iran or from anybody else.

If the picture's statement refers to the "Iran Deal", more research is required by the creator & promoters of the picture. The "Deal", immaturely negotiated by the US, only delays Iran's development of atomic weapons. And, THAT is only if Iran sticks to the deal - which apparently they have little intention of doing.

Many people who post stuff like this are in their 60s and even 70s. I was totally unaware that "Common Core" was a teaching standard back when they were in school.