The Sissification Of The United States and Its Future

Much is provided us in the news these days about people complaining that a variety of subject matter makes them feel "uncomfortable". Just such "feelings", apparently, are sufficient to cause the majority to succumb to the "feelings" of the few. How stupid as a country are we to allow this?

The main culprit here seems to be "political correctness" (PC) - the antithesis of common sense, free speech, and logic. And, PC is one of the main tools of the progressive element of our political system to divide us. As a slight aside here, it appears that the entire scam known as global warming/climate change is about dividing and controlling peoples.

There, of course, is nothing wrong with being polite; that's just common decency. But, to allow "my feelings" or "your feelings" to dictate the thoughts and actions of others is pure stupidity and, quite frankly, anti-democratic and anti-American to the core.

And, PC is spreading beyond our borders like a cancer throughout the "civilized" world. Click Here and Click Here for examples.

But, closer to home PC is rampant - to our collective detriment.

This entire PC movement starts with our children with such as with "common core" and moves upwards through our centers of "higher learning". Bill O'Reilly had a guest on his show discussing, in part, the PC issue in our colleges. O'Reilly quite often does more talking than his guests which dissipates the effect of the guests' points.

On youtube there is a video of that guest's interview with most of O'Reilly's insertions deleted and just allows the guest to speak. It starts off with a political cartoon of sorts. Watch the video. The guest's points are extremely important for today's situation - and for the country's future. Further, our college environments seem, at least in some institutions, to be at odds with history and common sense.

The below political cartoon depicts the effect PC and all it entails has upon our youth.


In response to a question re: "how the country could confront

a new wave of hate and fear", Hillary Clinton responded,

"We've got to do everything we can to weed out hate and

plant love and kindness."

Is she freaking kidding me? They are out to kill us!!

How are we to defend ourselves if people need "safe zones"?

Today we even see that certain books are banned due to someone's "feelings". We seem to feel that banning books in this day and age is archaic and outdated. Well, the current vogue of doing so has a history in the US - and not one that is especially appreciated. But, it seems that if thoughts or words run counter to the politically progressive mind set, it is perfectly OK.

This syndrome has now gotten to the point of ludicrousness. Now, even the preparation of food is a target of PC. However, . . .

Of particular interest is that those whose "feelings" are hurt due to words, etc., always focus on words, ideas, etc., that run counter to the progressive mind set. Never does one see any "feelings" issues arise if the words, ideas, etc., are directed against those ideas which are conservative, patriotic, logical, and, quite frankly, ideas that offer the truth. To look at one of the many, many idiodic things going on today to keep from "hurting someone's feelings" is this little gem. Click Here

It's even worse when our children's schools try and force propaganda on our kids. At least some of the parents are starting to see what is going on.

Further, it seems that one of the most prevalent argumentation "tools" used by the PC crowd and progressives in general is to accuse any dissenting opinion or thought as "racist". One hears nothing in the media but shouts of "racism" whenever an opinion different than that offered by the president, the current or past Attorney Generals, etc., is presented. Is it not possible that someone disagrees just because they feel the position offered is felt to be wrong?

Think about it. When have you heard or seen any countering opinions to those offered by Dr. Ben Carson or any of the below depicted people be decried as "racist"? NEVER! Why? The below set of people do not represent nor blindly follow the progressives' agenda. Therefore, anyone who is against these people is lauded as a "hero" to the progressive left.

Let's not be deluded. Issues of "race" are but dodges to change our focus away from the damage progressivism does to our views of self worth, of what our Constitution offers us, and to the future of our Nation.

Let's look beyond the obvious dodge of using "race". Have you EVER heard or seen anyone from the "left" denigrating someone opposed to the conservative side of things? Of course not. Attacking conservative ideas is part of the "toolkit" of the progressives. Let's not ourselves nor our children be fooled.

Our youth are critical to the future success of our Nation. Unfortunately, they are being led astray by the progressive movement. And, no, I am not only speaking to the current administration (including those from both sides of the aisle, I might add). Progressivism started long before this administration. I am speaking to facts - you know truth. It seems that today the truth is felt to be somewhat outdated. The presentation of falsehoods appear to be the "mantra" of the left in general - including the current administration and the media as well.

Our political leaders, many of them at least - including our president, act as though the US Constitution is an "If It Suits Me List" vs. the law of our Nation. Exactly what message does this send to our children? That the laws of our land are to be effected only if they please us? Should this progressive trend continue our Nation is in deep trouble - even more so than it already is!

As it is obvious that our children are they key to our future, today they are being raised in a political environment that extols weakness of both mind and spirit and a lack of appreciation of what made (and makes) our Nation great.

Proper education is the answer. This does NOT mean "common core". It means fact based history, science (i.e., not this science type of fraud!), and math without rewriting history to fit the desired mores of a few.

Continuing on this same subject, George Will has a comment or three.

What was one of Superman's favorite sayings? Oh yeah! "Truth, Justice, and the American Way.". It seems that none of those three things are alive and well in America today. Unfortunately, Lois seems to be correct.