The Planned Parenthood Scandal Of "Selling Aborted Baby Parts"

Or, an example of why I offer that one should always do research on news items these days - no matter the source.

The recent scandal of Planned Parenthood being in the business of selling aborted baby parts has been extensively covered by conservative news outlets; and less so by progressive news sites.

To date there have been several undercover videos released - with more videos to be released I am certain. Here are links to a few of them: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, and Video 6. According to Video #4, apparently one can order just about any part - or even a full fetus - that one desires.

Before continuing, here are the applicable federal laws:

So far the videos, having been edited, are fairly damning. However, the New York Times correctly points out that the original video from which the edited version (i.e., Video 1) was between 2 and 3 hours long.

In the unedited version, the NYT points out, are statements that indicate that the "prices" being discussed were only related to the expenses, including transfer, of the "specimens" - not any actual "sales". (Note: I have not watched the unedited version and have no intention of doing so - 2 to 3 hours? Give me a break! Over 2 hours of watching people in a restaurant? I think not!)


For the purpose of a more complete coverage,, a progressive site, offered their take on the issue - looking at the full, unedited first-released video. And, here's a reclama to Fact


But, for the moment let's assume that the NYT's statement is true. From the above picture, 42 U.S. Code 299G - 2 (a) seems to be being violated - at the least.

It goes beyond this simple point, however. A "SALE" is made up of several things:

"SALE" = COST of the item + OVERHEAD costs (which generally include PROCESSING [which includes any "transfer" costs as well as related LABOR costs]) + GENERAL & ADMINISTRATIVE costs + PROFIT .

So, setting the COST to only that associated with obtaining the "raw materials", "production", and setting the PROFIT to $0, still results in a "SALE". Ask anyone in business!!

Why am I being "picky" on the immediate above?

Well, in Video 1's opening Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, remarks that "the allegation that Planned Parenthood profits in any way from tissue donation is not true."

First, let's HOPE no profit is derived - as Planned Parenthood is supposed to be a non-profit organization. So, in a "for profit" organization what would then would be labeled "profit", is used for compensation, etc., in a "non-profit" setup. And, to give benenit of the doubt here, let's assume she meant by "profit" monies beyond cost of goods and operating expenses.

By an increase of sales (i.e., furnishing "tissue samples", body parts, what have you) monies in excess of cost of goods and operating expenses may be increased - sometimes significantly. If you would like to see how this can happen, Click Here. If you really don't care "how", just keep reading.

Unfortunately, Ms. Richards' statement has been dealt an accuracy blow by a former head of Planned Parenthood, Ms. Abbey Johnson.

As noted above, the media has given this story varied coverage and accuracy. In fact, the live TV coverage by many has been slight - at best - on the progressive side of the media. The conservative side has been in full court press.

The written coverage has been a tad better. For example, CNN in it's written story gave the side of the story condemning Planned Parenthood's selling of baby parts pretty much a negative "shot". However, their opinion coverage was something different.

As one can see, with everything in politics, Click Here.

However, to me, edited or not, the videos presented thus far, detail an amoral - if not immoral - view of the unborn. And, this is not something that I believe is consistent with The American Way Of Life. The abortion issue is one thing; the strategic manipulation of the abortion process to increase sales is a whole different matter; and illegal.

Further, Planned Parenthood seems to have no issue with the abuse of minors.

There are those on both "sides of the political aisle" who are seeking to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding. It is my opinion that the organization should not just have its funding stripped; it should be legally disbanded and people sent to prision (or worse - were it up to me).

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