The Obama Administration On Illegal Aliens

Much is in the conservative side of the news these days about immigration - especially concerning the criminal element that is allowed to stay here. On the progressive side of the news? Nothing!

Accusations fly. These range from Obama is trying to ruin our country to the progressives just want to ensure a dramatic increase in those who will vote for Democrats.

The progressives counter with the "it's the compassionate thing to do" argument.

Compassion is all well and good and should be encouraged. However, allowing criminals to run amok across our Nation is far from compassionate - no matter one's intentions, positive or negative.

Below is a picture of a series of headlines from June 19, 2015. Below that are the stories, in sequence, relating to these headlines.

Obama giving tips to illegals on getting work permits.

ICE releases 65,000 criminal illegals - no one is fired

121 illegal aliens face murder charges.

5,000 AZ immigrants have criminal records.

280 Midwest criminal immigrants arrested

Many illegals caught, released, caught and released again

Again, compassion is a wonderful thing. However, to encourage people to enter our country illegally, provide them with benefits many of our own citizens are not afforded, offer them employment opportunities when so many of our citizens are without work, and to open our borders to an easy access for terrorists, doesn't fit my definition of compassionate, rational, moral, or even legal.

Or, as Dennis Miller is wont to say: "Of course that's just my opinion. I could be wrong."