A Common Sense Look At The Global Warming Theories

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This offering is designed to provide a common sense, away from the political hype, view of the "global warming/climate change" discussion. No higher math will be required. No acceptance of "hockey stick" charts which are misleading on their face is necessary. No believing political forces that "need" for one to accept that "global warming/climate change" is caused by humans will be of interest. Just plain, old common sense.

Before getting to "The Common Sense" look, a little background may be of help.


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For these past many years global warming has been in the news. Of course, since there hasn't been any warming of late, the name was changed to climate change. Climate change is a reality of the world and has been going on since the earth was formed. The "theory" part of the discussion revolves around whether "man" is causing it or not. Wrapped inside this theory is the care for the environment.

I know of no one who believes that care for the environment should not be a worthy focus. Clean water, clean air, and all that are indeed a positive focus and action set for us all. However, it should be recognized that global warming/climate change due to human actions (or inactions) has NOT been proven. The "Science is Settled" statements by those who wish to push the narrative that humans are the cause of whatever, is a total fabrication. A theory, any theory, is just a guess; fact is that which can be proven. Nothing showing that humans' actions cause the temperature of the planet to increase or to decrease has been proven.

Yes, there are those who bring forth "evidence" to the contrary. And, with each such presentation of "evidence" scandals emerge. For a few examples:

"Fiddling With Temperature Data"

NASA "Invented" Global Warming

The NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center) caught falsifying data

"Global warming data FAKED by government to fit climate change fictions"

"Fakegate: The Obnoxious Fabrication of Global Warming"

"New Report on Corruption of Surface Temperture Records"

"Climatic Research Unit email controversy"

"Curious Anomalies in Climate Science"

And, one of my personal favorites:

Now, some are claiming that the satellite data is wrong for showing that the Earth has not warmed as predicted.

Of course there are many, many others including Al Gore's famous "hockey stick" chart. His chart, actually from Michael Mann, showed that as CO2 rose over time the temperature of the earth climbed as a result. Unfortunately for this theory, actual evidence shows that as the earth warmed the production of CO2 followed - not led the increase - NOTE: this is described at about 8 minutes, 30 seconds into this last referenced video. For an update, Click Here. Further, even Micael Mann is reversing course, at least partly; or as the old song goes, "I'm (He's) Beginning to See the Light" - OR, is he? As to data, there's this article relating to NOAA's findings as well as this paper by Christopher Booker of the The Global Warming Policy Foundation.

And, obviously there are many who offer their own evidence in favor of "man made global warming" - much of which has been debunked as shown in the above links.

And, THIS ARTICLE presents charts from 58 seperate 2017 scientific papers supporting the "scam" of human-caused global warming.

Whoever is actually correct in all of this makes the "Science is Settled" still not correct. As long as the word "theory" is associated with something/anything, the science is NOT settled - by definition.

OK! But why would anyone push forth such an agenda when facts are not in evidence? Consider the quote by Rahm Emanuel - former White House Chief of Staff under Obama and now mayor of Chicago, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." To the point of this offering I add a post script to his quote: You never let a serious crisis go to waste - especially if you can create one". The entire global warming issue is about money, power, and control - nothing more.

Let's first look at money. Billions of dollars have been and will be allocated to the "proving" of man made climate change. For examples, Click Here, Here, and Here. If one looks you'll not be able to find any funds directed at proving the opposite. Think about that. The opposite, or that humans are not affecting the climate, offers no political benefit to any who seek power.

As to power and control:

Even worse, scientists, researchers, and even professors who happen to not agree with the climate change "religion" are being ostracized, ridiculed and even losing their positions. They are referred to in the media as "climate change deniers". See this story about a professor/climate scientist who "strayed" from the "straight and narrow" proscribed by the political elites.

This last part is directly relatable from Saul Alinsky's book, "Rules for Radicals". Note: If you would prefer to not read the entire book and just see his "rules", Click Here. Especially applicable here is his rule #5: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." If one takes the time to read Alinsky's book you will find and see much of what goes on with our government today - and, actually, has gone on for the past few decades.

AND, the targeting is not just aimed at individuals. Even one of the largest, international corporations is being attacked for its position on "climate change"; Click Here for the story.

Further, here's an interesting article relating to climate change deniers and the progressives' move to stiffle research.

We've all heard of or read about the concept of "carbon tax" - or, as it is also known "cap-and-trade". This "tax" supposedly is aimed at reducing CO2 across the globe. In fact, it is really about control - thus power. Consider, as per the "rules" for cap-and trade, if I run a company that pollutes a great deal, I can "buy" carbon tax "credits" from a company that pollutes less. And, the government controls this transfer of credits. Therefore, nothng has really changed to better the enviornment. Simply, this is yet another means of wealth transfer and, let's not forget, is yet another means for the government to further its control over how businesses operate.

Vladimir Lenin once famously (infamously?) stated: "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." The unproven theory that humans are causing climate change is being publicized by the current and past administrations, the UN, and likewise across the globe - frequently and to all who will listen.

In a somewhat "interesting" speech Obama announced the greatest threat to our future is climate change; not ISIS, not global terrorism, and not the runaway debt of our nation. Hardly a believable pronouncement by the president of the greatest nation on earth. Lenin would be proud, indeed!

Until "facts" substantiate either side of the debate, research should continue - on both sides of the discussion. However, fundmental changes to our way of life should be avoided and we should be wary of those who try to "sell" us concepts yet unproven. This does not mean we should avoid change which helps the globe's environment; I'm talking about true and all encompassing fundamental changes suggested by our and other governments.

For a 2016 update check out THIS report on the cooling actually going on.

As an aside here, the 2004 novel by Michael Crichton, "State of Fear", fairly well foretells what is going on today as to global warming/climate change. If you have not read it, please do. You will find the corollaries to today amazing - and scary.

The Common Sense View:

Anyone reading or watching the news these days is aware of the Climate Change/Global Warming controversy.

For the purposes of this discussion, let's:

(1) not focus on the fact that billions of dollars are awarded to those who support that humans are the cause of Climate Change/Global Warming and virtually zero dollars awarded to those who don't;

(2) not focus on the assertion that Climate Change is but a means to instill fear and, thus, create political power (a la the 2004 novel by Michael Crichton, "State of Fear");

(3) not focus on the fact that historically CO2 levels have risen after warming has occurred and not before temperature rise. See Figure 1 (below) from NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC); and,

(4) not focus on the many allegations that weather data has been falsified and/or fabricated in support of humans being the cause.

Note: For a detailed video on how the Global Warming/Climate Change "scam" actually started, Click Here

Instead, let's look at Climate Change/Global Warming from a common sense view.

Throughout the history of our planet true climate change has occurred for millions and millions of years. History shows that there have been recurring periods of ice ages (glacial periods) followed by warming periods (interglacial periods) followed by ice ages followed by yet newer warming periods and so forth. For a shortened look at this cyclic process, I have chosen the last 200,000 years for simplicity (Figure 2 below).

If climate history repeats itself, as it always has, the Earth should continue to warm another 10 degrees Celsius prior to the start of another cooling period. The next initiation of cooling is not expected to happen for thousands of years to come. For an analogy and more insight, Click Here.

Therefore, it would seem that not a great deal of prognostication would be required for someone to predict that the Earth would undergo global warming. Just look at the above chart. The fact that the Earth will continue to warm is self-evident, if history can be relied upon.

The global warming/climate change enthusiasts claim that human impact on global warming began at the start of the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution started only 215 years ago - some 11,000+ years after the earth started to once again warm.

Are we that arrogant that it can be assumed that in such a short period of time we can - or could - change an ongoing, uninterrupted process that has repeated for millions of years? I would certainly hope that anyone who reads this is not that naive.

As to common sense, it's pretty much as simple as that. The earth will continue to do what it has always done and we have no ability to change the process. However, . . .

The creators and supporters of the climate change crisis ran into a slight issue. There was no evidenced warming when well there should have been. No one yet knows why this stall, or as some like to call it the “hiatus”, occurred/is occurring. But, . . .

During both glacial and interglacial periods cooling and warming do not occur in a linear, straight-line fashion. Some shorter periods of time are warmer, some are cooler.

Consider this for a moment. Human recorded history can be traced back approximately 5,000 years to Sumerian Cuneiform script. The current interglacial (warming) period is some 6,000 years older.

What is called The Little Ice Age happened between 1300 AD and 1870 AD - right in the middle of the current interglacial period.

So, expect change. Change is how the Earth works.

The current stall, in part, is responsible for the 1970s advertised crisis of impending "global cooling". In fact, the very first "Earth Day" took place in 1970. The below graphic shows the dire predictions coming from that event.

As an aside here, a recent study advocates that another "Global Cooling" period may be in store for us.

Further, this stall has added fuel to the anti-global warming side as they have correctly noted that, as opposed to Al Gore's projections, no warming has occurred - and, possibly, cooling might be in our somewhat immediate future. Such prognostications of cooling in our near future also are probably incorrect as well. This due to the fact that we still have thousands of years to go before real cooling starts again.

I am not aware that the media has recently reported this stall nor on earth's climate change cycles. Yes, we hear that there is no warming - if we pay close attention; but not on the stall directly. Why would the media not report on this? Rather simple, I feel. Neither story supports well the "messages" of either side.

These days especially, people seem to not have the time nor the inclination to conduct their own assessments on theories such as Climate Change/Global Warming. In a very short time and with little effort facts are there to be found if one looks.

To conclude, care for the environment is obviously of high importance to our well being; what we do - or can do - can't really affect what the Earth does in the very long run. In the short run we should do everything we can to better our environment.


2016 Update:

Donald Trump, during his campaign run, advocated that the hype about Global Warming/Climate Change is not and never was real or based on fact.

In recent news reports it has been falsely reported that Trump is softening his position. These reports have been promulgated to attempt to divide his supporters. An article exists that describes Trump's current and past position on this subject. Click Here for the article.