W A R N I N G !!!

Some young men are at risk these days from being stereotyped.

The criminal connotations of wearing a hoodie are so strong in England, New Zealand and Australia that they’re banned in various shopping centers in each country. Here, via political correctness, it's not often spoken out loud. But, the same sentiment exists - "be wary of those wearing hoodies".

A new stereotype is now in evidence - a certain type of beard - worn by all those who are either affiliated with Islamic terrorism or are assumed to be, perhaps incorrectly.

Are either stereotypes fair? Of course not. That doesn't mean the negative perceptions of people aren't there.

Either "terrorist" beard or hoodie, even though you may think they look cool you are at severe risk of being harmed or worse.

With the latest news reports of violence in our streets via riots, the "knockout game", or other such and stories of terrorist actions by groups or "lone wolves", people are frightened. They will react contrary to their "normal" instincts - and, many are armed and have no sense of humor.

This is serious! Would you rather look cool to your "friends" or wind up cold in the morgue?

Fot the Muslim youth that claim the "beard" is part of their religion, I urge you to consider the Qur'an, 3:28 - the "Al Taqiyya" - as one example. Take it to heart. Although not considered a correct path in the western culture, but considering you are living within the western culture, it could save your life.

Lose the beard! Lose the hoodie. Don't try and act "tough". Always be polite. And, be cognizant of the society in which you live. Looking and being smart is the best alternative to looking "cool" and being dead!

Displaying these type of appearances is not the same as the old “sit-ins” to protest something.

For your safety, Be Warned.