The President Is Delusional

President Obama is consistent with his assertions that climate change is the most serious threat to our national security and, by the way, to the entire globe - as well as a greater threat than ISIS.

Many sources of fact exist demonstrating that human caused climate change is a hoax perpetrated upon us all to garner power, money, and control of the people of the world through a fear campaign.

No one who reads, does any semblance of research on the subject, and pays attention could possibly accept what the president is offering us. But, continue the charade he does. Either the president is putting us on or is delusional to the point of pathology; I'm betting on the former - that's just my opinion, of course.

Below is a video compilation of a couple of the president's statements on the subject followed by Sen. Ted Cruz offering a rebuttal.

Several video clips have been edited and merged to produce the below. The compilation is NOT out of context. Any YouTube lookup will provide the originals from which the below was excerpted.

Watch, be amazed and befuddled.

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