The Year 2015 Politically- A Summary

I pay a good bit of attention to the political side of the news.

So, as the year 2015 comes to a close I thought I'd summarize the political news from this past year.

I look at both conservative and liberal/progressive news sources to try and get to the facts of stories presented by the news media. Or, as 'Gregory House' from the TV Show "House" always said, "Everybody lies!"

So, here's my summary of views from both Liberal/Progressives and Conservatives.

NOTE: I choose not to associate the below with Democrats nor Republicans as conservatives and progressives live in each party.

Terrorism is bad and ISIS does not represent Islam or Muslims in general.

Terrorism is evil and, since Muslims are responsible for the vast majority of terrorism, they are suspect.

The current administration's and Congress' efforts have accomplished more for our Country than any group in the history of our Nation

The current administration and Congress are ruining our Nation. Soon we will be as a 3rd World Country.

Donald Trump is crazy.

Donald Trump says what the people think but won't say due to political correctness.

Anyone who disagrees with the president is a racist.

People who agree with the president have no understanding of our Constitution or what made our Nation great.

Black lives matter.

All lives matter.

Planned Parenthood is necessary for women's health.

Planned Parenthood was founded on Eugenics and continues with it's original agenda even today.

Climate change is a serious matter and will destroy the world as we know it.

Climate change has been going on in a predictable fashion since the Earth was formed and this new emphasis by the left is but another means to gain power and control of the people - not to mention "redistribution of wealth".

We need Hillary Clinton as our next president to continue the great work of Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton has had no positive accomplishments ever, she is a liar, her inactions caused brave Americans to die at Benghazi, as well as she supported the president's aim of funneling weapons to Islamic terrorists in Syria.

This country needs the strictest of gun control; gun violence is out of control.

Wherever ones sees gun violence run amok, one can find the leadership of these towns and States to be Democrats, the strictest of gun control laws, and the highest crime rates. The 2nd Amendment is there for a reason.

The rich are not taxed nearly enough. The less fortunate need that money.

Over 50% of our Nation's people pay no federal taxes at all, the top "1%" pay almost 70% of all federal taxes, and receiving unemployment benefits is now an "entitlement" with no end in sight.

People here illegally are here only to make their lives better; we should welcome them all.

Illegal is, well, illegal. There are over 90 million of our own citizens not in the workforce due to our current economy. We need to employ our own people before allowing others to take much needed jobs.

We should open our borders to all refugees.

Many of these refugees are from countries where radical Islamic terrorism originates. Our government has no way of checking to see who are the "good people". Halt all immigration until the government can assure our safety.

Many can't afford needed things such as college educations, modern conveniences, and a proper lifestyle. We should make all these things "free".

We are over 18.8 trillion dollars in debt right now. What we need are policies that promote higher employment - not borrow more money to give more "free stuff".

The above is but a high level view of this past year - the details are much scarier. It's as if both political persuasions are focused on the same thing but reading from 2 widely different sets of intelligence data.

I, of course, can provide source material for every statement made above. Is it no wonder that all of us should never trust anything we read, see, or hear without detailed research?