MuCWA - MultiCulturalism Without Assimilation

For many years now Europe has been embracing the concept of Multiculturalism Without Assimilation - or per the acronym I assigned the concept, MuCWA (pronounced "mukwa").

Basically, MuCWA promotes open and free borders, no requirement for immigrants (legal or otherwise) to learn the language of the country into which they enter, no encouragement to adopt the culture, mores, practices, and/or laws of the country into which they enter, and generally supports the existence and operation of these immigrants as separate subgroups within the host country(ies).

For the past several years, including today, millions of these immigrants have been flooding Europe from the Middle East. Throughout Europe this heavy influx is causing financial hardship on the host countries due to those same countries' socialistic economies, is causing fear amongst the countries' people, and is threatening the security of every country in Europe.

Reports are coming out of Europe that the people are buying all the weapons available due to fear of what is coming.

For some time now Obama has seemingly operated on the premise that the USA should be more like Europe. Not simply to embrace socialism for America, but to adopt MuCWA as well. In fact, Obama's focus on non-prosecution of illegal immigrants, the support to sanctuary cities, and releasing incarcerated, illegal and dangerous alien felons onto our streets give rise to a fear that many have as to the future of our great Nation - the same exact fear that Europeans are experiencing.

And, what's becoming of all those immigrants flooding into Europe? Well, that a very good question. And, the European people are asking the same thing. See this story on this very question. For a good example of an answer, the terror incident in Paris on November 13, 2015 is indicative of what we can expect.

The old saying "If it works don't screw with it" seems to not be in this president's tool bag. America is the greatest nation in the history of the world because of its laws, its culture, and the wisdom of our founding fathers. Obama's fundmental transformation of our country will make us like Europe - to our collective detriment.

Someone said, "We shouldn't want to be more like Europe; Europe should want to be more like us." Food for thought, this is.