Eugenics and Planned Parenthood

The news recently has offered the undercover "sting" operation that brought to light methods used by Planned Parenthood during their abortion activities. These videos are disturbing to say the least - totally independent of one's view of abortion overall. Should you wish to view one, Click Here - BUT, the video was heavily edited prior to its release and does not represent the true, full picture.

A note before proceeding: One may assume that this offering is a condemnation of abortion or of a "woman's right to choose". If so, one would be incorrect. My feelings on abortion center on it being a moral issue between the woman and her doctor combined with adherence to laws on the books. Or, as to any judgement , good or bad, "Until you've walked a mile in their shoes, ...", as it were. However, from the statistics available on the number of abortions, it seems that in many cases the decision to have an abortion goes beyond "choice" as it is commonly used; rather the stats speak to a soultion to personal irresponsibility.

This offering is about one organization, and one alone, Planned Parenthood and its history which, from its inception and continuing even today, has sought to effect genocide on those it deems "unfit". It has been, and is, allowed to grow and prosper with the direct support of our govenment - almost from the organization's beginning.

If you've not seen or heard about the above story or have seen it only in a passing manner, Camille Paglia offered a possibility as to why:

While she and I may disagree at times on

things political and social, she is

always cogent in what she offers.

And, her advice here is very sound.

Here's another example of why accurate information is harder to get these days - especially from our government. Click Here.

However, the videos on Planned Parenthood that are making the news are far from the whole story.

And, the whole story goes far beyond political parties. Both Democrats and Republicans alike are - and have been - complicit.

Subsequent to the "sting" videos being released there has been a move, across the political "aisles", to defund Planned Parenthood. Prior to passing judgement on this intended action, watch the below documentary. Or, education is a wonderful thing or a terrible thing depending on whether one seeks facts or wishes to stay with preconceived notions, pro or con.

The documentary video below is of extraordinary completeness and accuracy. The title of the documentary is "Maafa21". Maafa is a Swahili word meaning 'Great Disaster'. The number 21 refers to the '21st Century'.

Up front warning: it is 2 hours and 10 minutes in length. I would strongly recommend not letting that deter you from watching the entire thing. But, if something of that depth is not appealing, go to Google and type in "The Negro Project" or, there is a link to this "project" at the bottom of this page. What you'll find is but a small fraction of what the below documentary offers.

The documentary, in part, goes into some detail about Margaret Sanger, a founder of Planned Parenthood. It accurately highlights her involvement with "eugenics" - A theory that would rid humanity of the "unfit". If you are not really familiar with the term, then the below documentary is definitely for you.

I did note some omissions from the content of the documentary.

The documentary fails to point out a significant aspect of Sanger's approach to the implementation of eugenics. Although not specifically stated one way or the other, one might reasonably conclude from the documentary that Sanger was a proponent of abortion. In fact Sanger, personally, was an avid opponent of abortion; she found it immoral - even though her support to the notion of eugenics was adamant. Her approach to the "problem" was mainly birth control - by hook or by crook. Some of this "by hook or by crook" was (and is) pretty insidious, however.

The documentary also discusses the concept of "colonization". "Colonization" was a move prevalent both before and after slavery ended in our country. Basically, its intent was to send all the blacks back to Africa. Actually, almost no one who favored colonization "hated" blacks. More, they thought it a more "humane" treatment of blacks. Yep! This idea would be viewed as pure racism today - but not back then.

Anyway, in the documentary it is offered that many prominent people of "the day" favored colonization. They left out one, however - Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps the omission was due to the high degree of reverence paid to Mr. Lincoln; after all, he was the 'Great Emancipator', he freed the slaves we are told. In fact, although a great opponent of slavery, his direct actions freed no one, not even via "The Emancipation Proclamation". For more on this, Click Here. But, I can understand their omission.

Also, the documentary fails to point out specifically that eugenics was born, bred, fostered, and financed by those in the Northern states - not in the South.

One last note on the below documentary's content. The documentary, which seems to have been done several years ago, indicates that federal funding to Planned Parenthood at the time of filming was about $350 million per year. As of now, federal funding to them is at $540 million per year.

A well known conservative, reacting to the furor surrounding both the Confederate flag and Planned Parenthood issues, recently "tweeted" a version of this picture:

While many, indeed, may find the image disturbing, offensive, or otherwise troubling, it is accurate in its message. (I can not verify with accuracy the actual number presented. However, this picture might provide the scope of the issue overall:)

- And, the answer to the question posed by the first picture is not the Confederate Battle flag. Watch the documentary below.

Arguments exists that imply that efforts to defund Planned Parenthood are aimed at removing the availability of women's health care alternatives - or, the Democrats' alleged "war on women" mantra.

This is totally absurd. The first half of the below picture depicts the number of organizational facilities which provide all manner of medical services to women across the country. The second half shows the number of Planned Parenthood facilities. Doing away with an organization founded upon eugenics (i.e., genocide) would have little to no effect on the services offered to women.

One of the company's benefiting from Planned Parenthood's activities filed a suit to restrain the "sting" video producer from releasing any additional videos. NOTE: After investigation of the validity of the videos, which were heavily edited, it has come to light that PP did not "sell" baby parts. It charged, basically, "handling charges" for such. I find the distinction between "selling" and "handling charges" somewhat problematic, although legally permissible. If the videos, taken in their proper context, aren't damning enough, further info has been revealed:

Undercover investigator David Daleiden tells CNN the reason StemExpress is trying to suppress the video he took of its CEO on May 22 is because the company doesn’t want anyone to know it bought whole intact dead babies from Planned Parenthood.

Daleiden said on CNN, “In a meeting with their top leadership, they admitted that they sometimes get fully intact fetuses shipped to their laboratory from the abortion clinics they work with, and that could be prima facie evidence of born alive infants. And so that’s why they’re trying to suppress that videotape and they’re very scared of it.”

Here's the link to the documentary, "Maafa21":

Still not Convinced? Click Here.

Post Script:

Just in case one may think that eugenics is an American invention, in fact such thoughts are not new. Such feelings have existed throughout human history. For an informative view of such thoughts, Click Here. As a note on this video, one may easily recognize concepts expressed mirroring those of today from the progressive left. Concepts such as those who are "enlightened" know what is best for all those they consider "lesser" in education, ideology, status, and the like are highlighted. This, of course, means any one not a member of the "progressive elite".

If you wish to learn more on Planned Parenthood, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Here for "The Negro Project", and for a read on one of Sanger's books, 'The Pivot of Civilization', Click Here.